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Quality Control Engineer General Responsibilities

  • Insuring quality control site surveillance.Witness inspection and test in accordance with SATIP & SAIC.Verifying the inspection reports and validating the results.Shall continually inspect the work at site and all QA/QC documents shall be managed by inspectorate and technical clerk assigned by the quality department.Monitor the timely production of the Inspection Certificate by construction contractor or sub-contractor.Ensure the proper disposition of the non-conformities with the assistance of specialist as required.

Mechanical QC Engineer Responsibilities

  1. Shall be Conduct an Inspection in accordance with International Code & Standard.
  2. Monitoring daily Piping activities.
  3. Verify compliance according to project specification.
  4. Preparing Quality Record.
  5. Final acceptance documentation.

Material QC Engineer Questions | CBT Aramco Preparation

Shall perform the receiving inspection according to SATIP & SAIC as follows:

1.Verifying that all required documents and records have been supplied by the vendors.
2. Review Certified Material Test Report (CTMR) and other records received from vendor.
3. Perform visual check that the items have not been damaged during transportation.
4. Verify that all items meet all requirement on material requisition.
5. Verify that the identification markings of the items are identical with CMTR and other relevant document received from vendor.


Material Inspector shall prepare material receiving inspection report and shall include the following:

  1. Name of item received.
  2. Serial ID Number.
  3. Vendor Name.
  4. Material Requisition Number.
  5. Material Inspector Signature and Inspection Date.


Material Inspector shall document the receiving inspection result on the report and provide the copies to Material Control Supervisor and related construction discipline department.


Items found to be nonconforming at receiving inspection shall be clearly identified and Controlled using Non Conformance Report (NCR) Procedure: KGF-PM-6008-001, Segregate and place on the hold area and attached “HOLD Tag”.

CAR – Corrective Action Request issued by the QA/QC manager to the department responsible for nonconforming products.


Before inspection takes place, construction department should submit Request for Inspection (RFI) to the QA/QC department.

– RFI includes

  • SAIC.
  • Purchase Order.
  • Delivery Note.
  • Packing List.
  • Certificate of Compliance.
  • Equipment Test Report.
  • Approved Data Sheet.
  • Approved Drawings.
  • Inspection Release Certificate.
  • Inspection Disposition Reports.

– Verify and validate the above documents.
Installation Manual.
– Perform the equipment, material pre-inspection.
– See to it that the materials and or equipment are free from defects or damaged during transportation
– Material or Equipment shall be in accordance with company Material Requisition, approved Standard and Specification.
– Fill in the necessary information on the checklist liked, name of the item received, serial number, vendor name, material requisition, material inspector signature, inspection date…
– Once the inspection was carried out all the pertaining documents should be submitted to Saudi Aramco for signature and acceptance.


All pipe and fittings SHALL have the material specification and grade stamped, stenciled, or Otherwise clearly marked with permanent marking method.


The following requirements shall apply to storage areas relevant to the particular project which includes, but no limit to, layout yards, receiving areas, warehouse etc.

1. Pipe shall not be stored directly on the ground. Pipe shall be placed on mounds or sleepers.
2. Stacking of pipe shall be made in a manner to avoid damage to pipes or coating. Refer to SAES-H-200
3. Fittings and valves shall be stored in shipping crates or on racks.
4. End protector on pipes, flanges, weld bevels, threads, and socket ends SHALL be firmly attached.


1 Lined and coated pipes and fittings shall be lifted with wide fabric or rubber covered slings and padding’s shall be used to prevent damage to lining or coating in accordance with SAES-H-200.

FINAL DISPOSITION REPORT includes the following:

– Narrative details of Quality activities performed during manufacturing and fabrication of the equipment or material.
– Copies of Saudi Aramco approved waivers
– All SA-175 Contractor witness inspections.
– Copies of supplier Quality Records as specified in SA-175.
– Copies of all NCR’s with final dispositions and resolutions.
– Outstanding punch list items from pre-shipment inspections.
– Verify that all the requirements specified on the Saudi Aramco Inspection Requirement Form 175-311500 have been met.

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