SAES – Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards 2021

SAES-Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards
Engineering Standards For QA/QC Civil Engineer/Inspector.

Under this, all SAES, are helpful for QA/QC Civil Engineer/Inspector during QA/QC Civil Interview.

SAES-A-114     Excavation and Back-fill

SAES-Q-001     Criteria for Design and Construction of Concrete Structures

SAES-Q-004     Installation of Piles and Conductors for Offshore Structures

SAES-Q-005     Concrete Foundations

SAES-Q-006     Asphalt Concrete Paving

SAES-Q-007     Foundations and Supporting Structures for Heavy Machinery

SAES-Q-009     Concrete Retaining Walls

SAES-Q-010     Cement Based, Non-Shrink Grout for Structural and Equipment Grouting

SAES-Q-011     Epoxy Grout for Machinery Support

SAES-Q-012     Criteria for Design and Construction of Precast and Prestressed Concrete                                    Structures
SAES-R-004     Building Architectural Design and Finishes Requirements

SAES-H-003     Protective Coatings for Industrial Concrete Structures

SAES-H-004     Protective Coating Selection and Application Requirements for Offshore                                    Structures and Facilities 

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