About (SAMSS) List of Saudi Aramco Materials System Specifications and codes

About (SAMSS) Saudi Aramco Materials System Specifications and codes

List of Saudi Aramco Materials System Specifications

01-SAMSS-005 Shop Applied, Internal Cement Mortar Lining of Steel Pipe

01-SAMSS-010 Fabricated Carbon Steel Piping

01-SAMSS-012 Submarine Pipe Weight Coating

01-SAMSS-016 “Qualification of Pipeline, In-Plant Piping and

Pressure Vessel Steels for Resistance to Hydrogen-Induced Cracking”

01-SAMSS-022 Fracture Control Testing Procedures for Line Pipe

01-SAMSS-024 Pipe Handling and Nesting

01-SAMSS-029 RTR (Fiberglass) Sewer Pipe and Fittings for Gravity Flow

01-SAMSS-031 Product Marking for Pipe of Less than Six Inch Nominal Size

01-SAMSS-034 RTR (Fiberglass) Pressure Pipe and Fittings

01-SAMSS-035 API Line Pipe

01-SAMSS-038 Small Direct Charge Purchases of Pipe

01-SAMSS-039 Induction and Furnace Hot Pipe Bends

01-SAMSS-332 High Frequency Welded Line Pipe, Class B

01-SAMSS-333 High Frequency Welded Line Pipe, Class C

02-SAMSS-001 Piping Components for Low Temperature Service

02-SAMSS-005 Butt Welding Pipe Fittings

02-SAMSS-006 Hot Tap and Stopple Fittings

02-SAMSS-008 Insulating Joints/Spools for Cathodic Protection

02-SAMSS-009 Design and Fabrication of Scraper Traps

02-SAMSS-010 Flanged Insulating Joints/Spools for Cathodic Protection

02-SAMSS-011 Forged Steel Weld Neck Flanges for Low, Intermediate and High Temperature Service

04-SAMSS-001 Gate Valves

04-SAMSS-002 Globe Valves

04-SAMSS-003 Additional Requirements for Low Temperature Valves

04-SAMSS-005 Check Valves, Swing Type

04-SAMSS-035 General Requirements for Valves

04-SAMSS-041 Expanding Plug Valve

04-SAMSS-042 4-Way Diverter Valve

04-SAMSS-048 Valve Inspection and Testing Requirements

04-SAMSS-049 Inspection and Testing Requirements for API 6A 10000 PSI Valves

04-SAMSS-050 Gate Valves, through Conduit Type, API SPEC 6D

04-SAMSS-051 Ball Valves, API SPEC 6D

04-SAMSS-052 Ball Valves, API 6A

05-SAMSS-002 Automatic Electric Water Heaters

09-SAMSS-002 Pressure Preservative Treatment for Wood Piles, Timbers and Ties

09-SAMSS-016 Concrete Masonry Units and Concrete Building Bricks

09-SAMSS-021 Qualification Requirements for Alkyd Enamel Coating System (APCS-6)

09-SAMSS-030 Qualification Requirements for Conversion Coating/Alkyd Coating System (APCS-7)

09-SAMSS-035 Qualification Requirements for Aluminum-Pigmented Alkyd Coating System (APCS-4)

09-SAMSS-060 Packaging Requirements for Coatings

09-SAMSS-067 Qualification Requirements for Internal Coating Systems Used in Immersion Services

09-SAMSS-068 Qualification Requirements for Coal Tar Epoxy in Buried or Immersion Services (APCS-3)

09-SAMSS-069 Qualification Requirements for Epoxy Coatings for Atmospheric Service

09-SAMSS-070 Qualification Requirements for Splash Zone Epoxy Compound (APCS-19A) & (APCS-19B)

09-SAMSS-071 Qualification Requirements for Inorganic Zinc Primer (APCS-17A) and (APCS-17B)

09-SAMSS-075 Caulking Compound (Joint Sealant)

09-SAMSS-080 Shop-Applied Baked Internal Coatings

09-SAMSS-087 Qualification Requirements for Epoxy Coatings for Application on Damp Steel Surfaces

09-SAMSS-088 Aggregates for Concrete

09-SAMSS-089 Shop-Applied External Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating for Steel Line Pipe

09-SAMSS-090 Shop-Applied Extruded P.E. External Coating System for Line Pipe

09-SAMSS-091 Qualification Requirements for Shop-Applied Internal FBE Coatings

09-SAMSS-093 Scaffold Plank

09-SAMSS-095 Hand-Applied, Pressure Sensitive Tapewrap for Temperatures up to 55°C

09-SAMSS-096 High-Temperature Heat-Shrink Sleeves

09-SAMSS-097 Ready-Mixed Portland Cement Concrete

09-SAMSS-098 Precast Concrete Fence Posts

09-SAMSS-099 Specialized Coatings Tests

09-SAMSS-101 Qualification Requirements for Self-Priming Epoxy Mastic Coatings

09-SAMSS-103 Qualification Requirements for High Temperature External Coatings in Atmospheric Services (APCS-11A) and (APCS-11B)

09-SAMSS-105 Heat-Shrink Sleeves for Service Temperatures Less than 55°C

09-SAMSS-106 Epoxy Coating of Steel Reinforcing Bars

09-SAMSS-107 Qualification Requirements and Application of Composite Fluropolymer/Ceramic Coatings to Fasteners

09-SAMSS-113 The Requirements of External Liquid Coatings for Buried Pipelines and Piping (APCS- 113A)

09-SAMSS-114 Shop-Applied Extruded, Three-Layer Polypropylene External Coatings for Line Pipe

12-SAMSS-005 Marking of Metal Products

12-SAMSS-007 Fabrication of Structural and Miscellaneous Steel

12-SAMSS-008 Erection of Structural and Miscellaneous Steel

12-SAMSS-014 Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

12-SAMSS-018 Structural Plates, Rolled Shapes and Tubulars Specification for Fixed Offshore Platforms

12-SAMSS-021 Saudi Aramco Security and General Purpose Fencing (Galvanized)

12-SAMSS-022 Saudi Aramco Security and General Purpose Fencing (Vinyl-Clad Galvanized)

12-SAMSS-023 Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Grating and FRP Components

13-SAMSS-001 Special Purpose Gear Units

13-SAMSS-003 General Purpose Gear Units

14-SAMSS-531 Power Transformers

14-SAMSS-533 Three-Phase Dry-Type Power Transformers

14-SAMSS-534 Overhead-Type Distribution Transformers

14-SAMSS-536 Pad-Mounted, Three Phase Distribution Transformers

14-SAMSS-600 Material, Manufacture and Preservative Treatment of Wood Poles

14-SAMSS-602 Material, Manufacture and Preservative Treatment of Wood Crossarms

15-SAMSS-502 Medium Voltage Power Cable 5kV through 35kV

15-SAMSS-503 Submarine Power Cable 5 kV through 115 kV

16-SAMSS-502 Metal-Enclosed Metal-Clad Low-Voltage Switchgear Assemblies

16-SAMSS-503 Indoor Controlgear – Low Voltage

16-SAMSS-504 Indoor Metal-Clad Switchgear: 1 to 38 kV

16-SAMSS-506 Indoor Controlgear – High Voltage

16-SAMSS-507 High Voltage Motor Controller – Outdoor

16-SAMSS-508 SF6 Gas Insulated Circuit Breakers, Outdoor – 34.5 kV through 230 kV

16-SAMSS-510 Manually Operated Pad Mounted SF6 Switchgear: 1 kV to 36 kV

16-SAMSS-511 Metal-Enclosed Bus Indoor and Outdoor

16-SAMSS-512 Outdoor Switchrack – Low Voltage

16-SAMSS-513 Protective Devices

16-SAMSS-514 Control and Protective Relay Panel – Indoor

16-SAMSS-515 Design and Fabrication of High Resistance Grounding Systems

16-SAMSS-517 Adjustable Frequency Drive System – 1 kV and Above

16-SAMSS-518 Low Voltage Panelboards

16-SAMSS-519 Indoor Switchboard – Low Voltage

16-SAMSS-520 Cablebus

16-SAMSS-521 Indoor Automatic Transfer Switch – Low Voltage

16-SAMSS-522 Retrofit/Replacement Vacuum Circuit Breakers Applied Indoor Metal-Clad Switchgear: 1 to 38 kV

17-SAMSS-004 Conventional (Tap Adjustable) Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection

17-SAMSS-005 Cathodic Protection Phase Controlled Rectifiers

17-SAMSS-006 Galvanic Anodes for Cathodic Protection

17-SAMSS-007 Impressed Current Anodes for Cathodic Protection

17-SAMSS-008 Junction Boxes for Cathodic Protection

17-SAMSS-012 Photovoltaic Power Supply for Cathodic Protection

17-SAMSS-017 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Cables

17-SAMSS-018 Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for Cathodic Protection Applications

17-SAMSS-502 Form-Wound Induction Motors 250 HP and Above

17-SAMSS-503 Severe-Duty, Totally Enclosed, Squirrel Cage Induction Motors to 250 HP (370 kW)

17-SAMSS-510 Form-Wound Synchronous Turbine Generators

17-SAMSS-511 Stationary Storage Batteries

17-SAMSS-514 Battery Charger/Rectifier

17-SAMSS-515 Auxiliary Electrical Systems for Skid-Mounted Equipment

17-SAMSS-516 Uninterruptible Power Supply System

17-SAMSS-518 Diesel Generator Sets

17-SAMSS-520 Form-Wound Brushless Synchronous Motors

18-SAMSS-007 Parallel Conductor Drop Wire

18-SAMSS-493 Two Part Polyurethane Duct Sealant

18-SAMSS-625 Outside Plant – Fiber Optic Cable Specifications (Single Mode & Multiple Mode)

20-SAMSS-001 Welding and Brazing Consumables

21-SAMSS-001 Safety Coveralls

21-SAMSS-002 Leather and Fabric Work Gloves

21-SAMSS-003 Safety Shoes

21-SAMSS-008 AFFF Liquid Concentrate

21-SAMSS-009 High Expansion Foam Concentrate

21-SAMSS-010 Fireproofing for Valve Actuator – Box and Blanket System Enclosures

21-SAMSS-011 Fluroprotein Foam Concentrate for MTBE Hydrocarbon Fires

21-SAMSS-012 Emergency Response Team Fire Protective Clothing

21-SAMSS-013 Fire Protection Department Protective Clothing

21-SAMSS-014 Intumescent Fireproofing for Valve Actuators

22-SAMSS-003 Oil Suction and Discharge Hoses for Dock Tanker Loading

22-SAMSS-004 Oil Suction and Discharge Hose for Offshore Tanker Loading

23-SAMSS-010 Distributed Control Systems

23-SAMSS-020 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems

23-SAMSS-030 Remote Terminal Unit

23-SAMSS-050 Terminal Management Systems

26-SAMSS-045 Turbine Oils 32, 46, 68 and 100

26-SAMSS-046 Machinery Oils 150, 320, 460

26-SAMSS-047 Automotive Gear Lube 85W-140

26-SAMSS-048 Gear Lube EP220, EP460 EP1000

26-SAMSS-050 Transmission Oil D-II

26-SAMSS-051 Hydraulic Oil AW 68

26-SAMSS-052 All Purpose Grease EP 1

26-SAMSS-053 All Purpose Grease EP 3

26-SAMSS-054 Ball Bearing Grease 2

26-SAMSS-055 Polyethylene Grease 1

26-SAMSS-056 Diesel Engine Oil CD

26-SAMSS-057 Diesel Engine Oil EMD

26-SAMSS-058 Gas Turbine Oil 32

26-SAMSS-059 Insulating Oil

26-SAMSS-060 Refrigeration Oil – WF68

26-SAMSS-061 Penetrating Oil

26-SAMSS-062 Rust Preventive

26-SAMSS-063 Open Gear and Wire Rope Lubricant

26-SAMSS-064 General Purpose Cutting Oil

26-SAMSS-065 Heavy Duty Cutting Oil

26-SAMSS-066 Soluble Oil

26-SAMSS-067 Honing Oil

26-SAMSS-068 Synthetic Grinding Fluid

26-SAMSS-069 Way Lubricant

26-SAMSS-070 Valve Lubricants

26-SAMSS-071 Instrument Lubricants

26-SAMSS-072 Specialty Lubricants – Solids

26-SAMSS-073 Specialty Lubricants – Antiseize

26-SAMSS-074 Specialty Lubricants – Miscellaneous

26-SAMSS-076 Synthetic Gas Turbine Oil 5

26-SAMSS-077 Rack and Pinion Grease

26-SAMSS-078 Turbine Oil Vapor Space Inhibitor

26-SAMSS-079 Refrigeration Oil HFC-134a Synthetic

26-SAMSS-080 Diesel Engine Oil 15W/40

26-SAMSS-081 Automotive Gear Lube 90

26-SAMSS-082 High Temperature Grease

26-SAMSS-083 Diesel Engine Oil CH-4

26-SAMSS-084 Turbo-Compressor Oils 32, 46

27-SAMSS-001 Packaged Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers for Utility Services

27-SAMSS-002 Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems for Offshore Facilities

27-SAMSS-003 Manufacture of Non-Industrial Cooling Towers

29-SAMSS-006 Uniform Shirts (White)

29-SAMSS-008 Fire Protection Department Uniform Badges

29-SAMSS-009 Industrial Security Male Short Sleeve Shirt

29-SAMSS-010 Industrial Security Male Long Sleeve Shirt

29-SAMSS-011 Industrial Security Waist Length Outer Wear-Jacket

29-SAMSS-013 Industrial Security Dark Brown Pants

29-SAMSS-014 Fire Protection Department Hip Length Jacket

29-SAMSS-015 Fire Protection Trousers – Navy Blue

30-SAMSS-001 Diesel Engines

31-SAMSS-001 Centrifugal Compressors

31-SAMSS-002 Packaged Reciprocating Plant and Instrument Air Compressors

31-SAMSS-003 Reciprocating Compressors for Process Air or Gas Service

31-SAMSS-004 Centrifugal Pumps

31-SAMSS-005 Centrifugal Fluorocarbon Refrigeration Units for Industrial/Process Services

31-SAMSS-006 Packaged, Integrally Geared Centrifugal Air Compressors

31-SAMSS-009 Positive Displacement Pumps – Controlled Volume

31-SAMSS-010 Submersible Pumps and Motors for Water Well and Offshore Service

31-SAMSS-012 Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps

32-SAMSS-004 Manufacture of Pressure Vessels

32-SAMSS-005 Manufacture of Atmospheric Tanks

32-SAMSS-006 Manufacture of Low Pressure Tanks

32-SAMSS-007 Manufacture of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

32-SAMSS-008 Inlet Air Filtration Systems for Combustion Gas Turbines

32-SAMSS-009 General Purpose Steam Turbines

32-SAMSS-010 Special Purpose Steam Turbines

32-SAMSS-011 Manufacture of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

32-SAMSS-013 Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Control Oil Systems

32-SAMSS-016 Inlet Air Filtration Systems for Centrifugal Air Compressors

32-SAMSS-017 Side-Entry Mixers

32-SAMSS-019 Manufacture of Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

32-SAMSS-020 Manufacture of Trays and Packing

32-SAMSS-021 Manufacture of Industrial Boilers

32-SAMSS-022 Manufacture of Components for Flare Systems

32-SAMSS-027 Manufacture of Electric Heat Exchangers

32-SAMSS-028 Manufacture of Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

32-SAMSS-029 Manufacture of Fired Heaters

32-SAMSS-030 Manufacture of Small Tanks

32-SAMSS-031 Manufacture of Clad Vessels and Heat Exchangers

32-SAMSS-033 Reverse Osmosis Systems

32-SAMSS-034 Granular Filtering Materials

32-SAMSS-100 Combustion Gas Turbines

34-SAMSS-117 Turbine Flow Meters in Liquid Service

34-SAMSS-118 Positive Displacement Meters

34-SAMSS-119 Bi-Directional Meter Prover

34-SAMSS-120 Uni-Directional Meter Prover

34-SAMSS-318 Automatic Tank Gauging Equipment

34-SAMSS-319 Radar Tank Gauging Equipment

34-SAMSS-511 Chromatographs

34-SAMSS-512 Oxygen Analyzers

34-SAMSS-514 Combustible Gas and Hydrogen Sulphide Monitors

34-SAMSS-515 Moisture Analyzers

34-SAMSS-517 Density Meters

34-SAMSS-525 Automatic Sampling Systems for Crude Oil and Refined Products

34-SAMSS-611 Safety Relief Valves Conventional and Balanced Types

34-SAMSS-612 Safety Relief Valves Pilot Operated Types

34-SAMSS-617 Flame Monitoring Systems

34-SAMSS-619 Burner Management Systems for Watertube Boilers

34-SAMSS-621 ESD Systems – Hard-Wired – Solid-State (Nonprogrammable)

34-SAMSS-622 ESD Systems – Electromagnetic Relay

34-SAMSS-623 Programmable Controller Based ESD Systems

34-SAMSS-624 Wellhead Control, Monitoring and Shutdown Systems

34-SAMSS-625 Machinery Protection Systems

34-SAMSS-634 Local ZV Control Systems

34-SAMSS-711 Control Valves – General Services

34-SAMSS-716 Pneumatic Actuators On-Off Service

34-SAMSS-717 Hydraulic Valve Actuators Systems

34-SAMSS-718 Electric Motor Operated Valve Actuators

34-SAMSS-815 Annunciators

34-SAMSS-820 Instrument Control Cabinets – Indoor

34-SAMSS-821 Instrument Control Cabinets-Outdoor

34-SAMSS-830 Programmable Logic Controller

34-SAMSS-831 Instrumentation for Packaged Units

34-SAMSS-913 Instrumentation and Thermocouple Cable

36-SAMSS-001 Co-Generation Train

45-SAMSS-005 Valves and Wellhead Equipment Requirements Per API SPEC 6A

45-SAMSS-006 Casing and Tubing Requirements per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B

45-SAMSS-007 Casing and Tubing – Pup Joints Requirements per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B

45-SAMSS-008 Casing and Tubing – Crossovers Requirements per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B

45-SAMSS-009 Casing and Tubing – Couplings Requirements per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B

74-SAMSS-001 Pantograph Cables for Marine Loading Arms – Testing and Inspection Requirements

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