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Thyristor Controlled Power For Electric Motors
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  • Power Electronics And Rotating Electric Drives
  • Introduction
  • Power Electronics
  • The Thyristor
  • Rotating Electric Drives
  • The Direct Current Drive
  • The Alternating Current Drive
  • Choice Of Drive And Control System
  • References And Bibliography
  • The Thyristor
  • Introduction
  • Semiconductors
  • The Diode
  • The Transistor
  • Cutoff
  • Linear Region
  • Saturation
  • The Thyristor
  • The Diode Model Of The Thyristor
  • The Two Transistor Model Of The Thyristor
  • Thyristor Characteristics
The Thyristor Reverse Biased
Intermittent Ratings
  • Thyristor Manufacture
  • Thyristors In Circuits
  • Thyristors In Series
  • Thyristors In Parallel
  • Circuits To Turn On Thyrsitors
  • Direct Current Firing Signals
  • Pulse Firing Signals
  • Alternating Current Firing Signals
  • Circuits To Turnoff Thyristors
  • Self Commutation By Resonance
  • Auxiliary Resonant Turnoff
  • Parallel Capacitance Turnoff
  • Series Capacitance Turnoff
  • Thyristor Protection Circuits
  • Overvoltage
  • Voltage Surges
  • Relative Merits Of Thyristors
  • The Bidirectional Triode Thyristor
  • Summary
  • Worked Examples
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References And Bibliography
  • Problems
  • Induction Motor Control
  • Introduction
  • Induction Motor Starting
  • Induction Motor Speed Control
  • Thyristor Systems For Speed Control
  • Thyristor Controlled Power For Electric Motors
  • The Alternating Current Switch
  • Worked Example
  • Inverters
  • Inverter Classification
  • A C Inverter For A Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Analysis Of A C Inverter With Resistive
  • Load
  • A Class Inverter For A Three Phase Induction
  • Motor
  • Inverter Commutation
  • The Mc Mu “Ay Inverter
  • Worked Example
  • The Mc Murray Bedford Inverter
  • Auxiliary Commutating Supply
Voltage Proportional To Frequency
  • Variable Ratio Transformer
  • Variable Voltage Converter
  • Inverter Voltage Control
  • Harmonic Elimination
  • Multiple Pulse Width Control
  • Selected Harmonic Reduction
  • Harmonic Neutralization By Wave Synthesis
  • Appraisal Of Thyristor Three Phase Inverters
  • Inverters In The Induction Motor Rotor Circuit
  • References
  • Problems
  • Direct Current Motor Control
  • Introduction
  • Starting Direct Current Motors
  • Thyristors And The Resistance Starter
  • Thyristor Controlled Power For Electric Motors
  • Thyristor Starting Without Resistance
  • Speed Control Of Direct Current Motors
  • Thyristor Speed Control

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