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Five Types of concrete used in construction

Working with concrete has its own challenges. Only an experienced, extremely thorough and professional concrete contractor can give justice to a residential or commercial project. 

Concrete work in Manhattan is an intensive process. It involves building, setting and aligning concrete structures, putting iron mesh and concrete, devising new concrete finishing methods in new construction projects and rebuilding of sidewalks, curbs, gutters, retaining walls and other concrete structures. From being on one’s toes and working safely and precisely with patience and endurance to achieve that excellent finish, every phase of this construction process matters and errors can be irreparable and costly.
Though, many types of concrete are now available, the type of concrete used depends on the nature of the construction work. Contractors also do a proper planning before harping on any concrete work in Manhattan.

1. Normal concrete: 

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This concrete is the regular one which masons use for small concrete work projects in Manhattan. The basic ingredients of this concrete are aggregate, water and cement. This concrete has a high compressive strength but is weak in tension and so is not durable in harsh weather conditions. The average settling period of such concrete work is between thirty to ninety minutes.

2. High strength concrete: 

This type of concrete has a high compressive strength to the tune of more than 6000 pounds per square inch. High strength concrete is made by adding less water to the cement during mixing. The ratio of water-cement stands at 0.35 or less. Sometimes, silica fume is added to the mixture to prevent the formation of calcium hydroxide crystals in the cement which can lower the strength of the cement bonding. Also, low water –cement ratio and presence of silica fume in the cement makes the cement less workable. To prevent this, super-plasticizers are used in the concrete mixture. This concrete type is ideal for the construction of high rise buildings.

3. High performance concrete: 

This type of concrete is characterized by high strength, high durability and high work ability than normal concrete. Its mixture consisting of silica fume, fly ash and superplasticizers achieve a better concrete mix for high strength and permeability. This concrete is mainly used for construction of bridges, tunnels, high-rise buildings and pavements.

4. Pervious concrete:

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 This concrete type contains a network of holes in the material to allow water and air to pass through it. The sand content in the concrete mixture is kept low to keep it porous. This helps water to pass easily through the concrete and seep into the ground. Pervious concrete is mainly used in construction of pavements and requires low maintenance.

5. Air Entrained concrete:

 This concrete is used in places which are vulnerable to freezing. This concrete is prepared by adding air entraining admixture. The concrete contains microscopic air cells which create air pockets which release the concrete’s internal pressure. Since it can withstand severe weather conditions, it is used in construction of roads, bridges, tunnels and dams in cold countries.

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