Estimating And Costing Questions & Answers Part-2

Estimating And Costing Questions & Answers

Question: 51

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. In a gully trap, a water seal of 6 to 7.5 cm is provided

B. The gully trap collects waste water from the kitchen, sink, wash basins, etc.

C. The gully trap disconnects the sullage drain from the main drainage system

D. The grating provided over gully traps is 23 cm square ANS: B

Question: 52

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. Bricks are paid per thousand

B. Cement is paid per 50 kg bag

C. Lime is paid per quintal

D. All the above


Question: 53

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. All pipes and fittings are classified according to their diameters B. The diameter of the pipes is the nominal diameter of internal bore C. All pipes are measured along the centre line of the pipes in metres
D. All the above


Question: 54

A portion of an embankment having a uniform up-gradient 1 in 500 is circular with radius 1000 m of the centre line. It subtends 180° at the centre. If the height of the bank is 1 m at the lower end, and side slopes 2:1, the earth work involved.

A. 26,000 m3

B. 26,500 m3

C. 27,000 m3

D. 27,500 m3


Question: 55

Pick up the correct statement in case of water supply.

A. Pipes laid in trenches and pipes fixed to walls are measured separately

B. Cutting through walls and floors are included with the item C. Pipes are classified according to their sizes and quality
D. All the above

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Question: 56

The concrete work for the following part of the building of specified thickness is measured in square metres

A. Root slabs

B. Floors

C. Wall panels

D. All the above


Question: 57

The expected out turn of 12 mm plastering with cement mortar is

A. 2.5 sq m

B. 4.0 sq m

C. 6.0 sq m

D. 8.0 sq m


Question: 58

The total length of a cranked bar through a distance D. at 45° in case of a beam of effective length L, is

A. L + 0.42 d

B. L + (2 × 0.42 d)

C. L – (0.42 d)

D. L – (2 × 0.4 d)


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Question: 59

The measurement is made for stone work in square metre in case of

A. Wall facing

B. Columns, lintels, copings

C. Building work

D. A. and D. of the above


Question: 60

Carpet area does not include the area of

A. The walls along with doors and other openings

B. Bath room and lavatory

C. Kitchen and pantry

D. All the above


Question: 61

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. The incidental expenses of a miscellaneous character which could not be predicted during preparation of the estimate, is called contingencies

B. Additional supervising staff engaged at work site, is called work charged establishment

C. Detailed specifications specify qualities, quantities and the proportions of materials to be used for a particular item

D. All the above


Question: 62

The cross -sectional area of the embankment of a canal fully in embankment in the given figure is

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A. ½ ( + + ) h
B. ( ) h + sb²
C. ( + ) + 2sh²
D. 2 [( + ) (b + sh²)]


Question: 63

The correct Prismoidal formula for volume is
A. D [first area + last area + Even area + 2 odd areas]
B. D/3 [first area + last area + 4 Even area + 2 odd areas]
C. D/3 [first area + last area + 2 Even area + 4 odd areas]
D. D/6 [first area + odd areas]

Question: 64

In case of laying gullies, siphons, intercepting traps, the cost includes

A. Setting and laying

B. Bed concreting

C. Connection to drains

D. All of these


Question: 65

The inspection pit or chamber is a manhole provided in a base drainage system

A. At every change of direction

B. At every change of gradient

C. At every 30 m intervals

D. All the above


Question: 66

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

A. Dimensions are measured to the nearest 0.01 m

B. Areas are measured to the nearest 0.01 sq.m

C. Cubic contents are measured to the nearest 0.1 cum

D. Weights are measured to the nearest 0.001 tonnes ANS: C

Question: 67

The ‘centre line method’ is specially adopted for estimating

A. Circular buildings

B. Hexagonal buildings

C. Octagonal buildings

D. All the above


Question: 68

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

A. The built up covered area at the floor level of any storey of a building is called plinth area B. The usable covered area of the rooms of any storey of a building is called carpet area

C. The carpet area of a building along with area of its kitchen, pantry, store, lavatory, bath room and glazed veranda, is called floor area


D. None of these


Question: 69

The unit of measurement is per quintal for the following:

A. Collapsible gates with rails

B. Rolling shutters

C. Expanded metal wire netting

D. M.S. reinforcement of R.C.C. works


Question: 70

The diameter of a domestic sewer pipe laid at gradient 1 in 100 is recommended

A. 100 mm

B. 150 mm

C. 200 mm

D. 175 mm


Question: 71

The order of booking dimensions is

A. Length, breadth, height

B. Breadth, length, height

C. Height, breadth, length

D. None of these


Question: 72

Pick up the incorrect statement regarding a master trap from the following:

A. It is provided in between the lower end of the house drain and the street sewer

B. It is provided a cleaning eye at the top of the trap

C. The mica flap valve which opens inwards only, is fitted at the top of the inlet pipe

D. The water seal is less than that of ordinary traps


Question: 73 S: 1 and
length is

A. d × d × s
B. d2 × ( ds)2]
C. L.D 1 + s2)
D. 2 L.D 1 + s 2)
Question: 74
period in a septic tank is assumed
The detention
A. 20 minutes
B. 25 minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 40 minutes

Question: 75

If B is the width of formation, d is the height of the embankment, side slope S : 1, for a highway with no transverse slope, the area of cross-section is

A. B + d + Sd

B. Bd + Sd2

C. B × d – Sd1/2

D. ½ (Bd + Sd2)


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Question: 76

The ground surface slopes 1 in 50 along a proposed railway embankment 150 m in length. The height of the embankment at zero chainage is 0.5 m, the width is 11 m and side slopes 2:1. If the

falling gradient of the embankment is 1 in 150, the quantity of the earthwork calculated by Prismoidal formula, is

A. 3250 m3

B. 3225 m3

C. 3275 m3

D. 3300 m3


Question: 77

Pick up the item of work not included in the plinth area estimate

A. Wall thickness

B. Room area

C. W.C. area

D. Courtyard area


Question: 78

The minimum width of a septic tank is taken

A. 70 cm

B. 75 cm

C. 80 cm

D. 90 cm


Question: 79

Pick up the item whose weight is added to the weight of respective item, is

A. Cleats

B. Brackets

C. Bolts

D. All the above


Question: 80

The expected out turn for earth work in excavation in ordinary soil per workman per day is

A. 1.00 cum

B. 2.00 cum

C. 3.00 cum

D. 4.00 cum


Question: 81
The expected out turn of brick work in cement mortar in foundation and plinth per mason per day,
is A. 1.00 m3

B. 1.25 m3

C. 1.50 m3

D. 1.75 m3 ANS: B
Question: 82

The brick work is measured in sq metre, in case of

A. Honey comb brick work

B. Brick flat soling

C. Half brick walls or the partition

D. All the above


Question: 83

The height of the sink of wash basin above floor level is kept

A. 60 cm

B. 70 cm

C. 75 cm to 80 cm

D. 80 cm


Question: 84

For 12 mm thick cement plastering 1 : 6 on 100 sq.m new brick work, the quantity of cement required, is

A. 0.200 m3

B. 0.247 m3

C. 0.274 m3

D. 0.295 m3


Question: 85

The item of steel work which is measured in sq.m, is

A. Collapsible gates

B. Rolling shutters

C. Ventilators and glazing

D. All the above


Question: 86

The damp proof course (D.P.C.) is measured in

A. Cub. m

B. Sq. m

C. Metres

D. None of these


Question: 87

The volume is measured correct to the nearest

A. 0.01 cum

B. 0.02 cum

C. 0.03 cum

D. 0.04 cum


Question: 88 is 1400 kg/cm2 and bond stress is 6 kg/cm2, the

If tensile stress of a steel rod of diameter
required bond length of the rod is
A. 30 D
B. 39 D
C. 50 D
D. 59 D

Question: 89

For 100 sq. m cement concrete (1 : 2: 4) 4 cm thick floor, the quantity of cement required, is

A. 0.90 m3

B. 0.94 m3

C. 0.98 m3

D. 1.00 m3


Question: 90

Size, capacity and materials need be specified for

A. Bib-cocks

B. Stop-cocks

C. Ball valves

D. All the above


Question: 91

The expected out turn of half brick partition wall per mason per day is

A. 1.5 m 3

B. 2.0 m3

C. 4.0 m2

D. 5.0 m2


Question: 92

The floor area includes the area of the balcony up to

A. 100 %

B. 75 %

C. 50 %

D. 25 % ANS: C
Question: 93

The slope of the outlet of ‘P trap’ below the horizontal is kept

A. 8°

B. 10°

C. 12°

D. 14°


Question: 94

The weight of an item is measured correct to nearest

A. 0.25 kg

B. 0.50 kg

C. 0.75 kg

D. 1.00 kg


Question: 95

Berms are provided in canals if these are

A. Fully in excavation

B. Partly in excavation and partly in embankment

C. Fully in embankment

D. All the above


Question: 95

While estimating a reinforced cement structure, the omitted cover of concrete is assumed

A. At the end of reinforcing bar, not less than 25 mm or twice the diameter of the bar

B. In thin slabs, 12 mm minimum or diameter of the bar whichever is more

C. For reinforcing longitudinal bar in a beam 25 mm minimum or diameter of the largest bar which is more

D. All the above


Question: 96

A cement concrete road is 1000 m long, 8 m wide and 15 cm thick over the sub-base of 10 cm thick gravel. The box cutting in road crust is

A. 500 m3

B. 1000 m 3

C. 1500 m3

D. 2000 m3


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