STP – full form in Civil Engineering

What is the full form of STP in Civil Engineering?

STP: Sewage Treatment Plant

The full form of STP in Civil Engineering is Sewage Treatment Plant. A sewage treatment plant (STP) is a facility to purify sewage and wastewater from domestic, commercial, and industrial sources and reuse it for horticulture, agriculture, and other general purposes.

The sewage water is treated, purified, and maintained as per the norms of the Pollution Control Board.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Nowadays Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) has become a statutory requirement for everyone whether it is hotelier or industrialist.

Technologies Used in STP

ASP: Activated Sludge Process
MBBR: Moving Bed Bioreactor
SAFF: Submerged aerated Fixed Film
SBR: Sequential Bioreactor
MBR: Membrane Bio Reactor

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