Engineering and Manufacturing calculations Spreadsheet Free Download

Spreadsheet Engineering Calculations includes many calculation tools in the field of technical, industrial, engineering. It guides you quickly and accurately to different design of components, fix to any technical glitches, or to perform any calculation of any engineering point without requiring any specific expert knowledge.

Engineering and Manufacturing calculations Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Engineering Calculations have both check and design based calculations such as beam, spur gear, timing belt, bearings, buckling, springs, v-belt, bevel gear, chain drives, timing belt, bolt connection, tolerances, shaft connection, technical formulas, shaft, force couplings of shafts, tolerance analysis and many more. There are many decision tables, comparison and materials included for the various administration tasks.

Spreadsheet Engineering Calculations is like open source software which allows user defined modifications and extensions to be added without any proper knowledge of programming language.

Engineering and Manufacturing calculations Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet tool allows a great productivity for the system within a few minutes because of its simple user interface, on-line help and expert notes availability.

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It further allows simple integration of different parts in a user defined way or pre-defined calculation table. The obtained solutions can be personalized so that an exact requirement can be obtained.

It can also be cooperated with many popular 3D and 2D CAD software. It’s quite easy to draw any design in 2D or 3D format and these 2D or 3D models can be assembled in few seconds.

The various tools, calculations and tables available in Spreadsheet Engineering Calculations are given below:

Shafts & beams profiles:

Shafts – strength test, design and deformation.

Slender column buckling.

Constant cross-section of straight beams.

Profiles – Static characteristics.


Design of a transmission ratio.

Bevel gear.

Spur gear.

Chains and belts:

Roller chains.

Toothed belts.

Multiple sprocket/pulleys wheels transmission.



Rolling bearings.


Shafts coupling using a grooving and key.

Bolted connection.

Shafts & hub’s force couplings.

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Tension spring.

Compression spring.

Torsion spring.

Tables & tools:

Technical formulas.

Conversion of units and tables.

Calculation and project search.

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