Building Construction Analysis of Rates Spreadsheet Download Free

Find out the building construction rates, a specific work item from labors and materials quantities needed with their outlay.

Building Construction analysis of Rates Spreadsheet

The labours’ and materials’ charges vary around, hence the rates of various work items vary around. Each estimate must be along with the rate analysis of the items given in it.

Building Construction Analysis of Rates Spreadsheet

Rate analysis includes:

  • Material Cost
  • Labour Cost
  • Sundries and Tools & Plants
  • Delivery
  • Service Provider’s Earnings
  • Tools & Plants is equal to 2.5 to 3 percent of the labour outlay
  • Transportation outlay over 8 km is contemplated

Water charges equal to 1.5 to 2 percent of overall outlay Service providers earnings is equal to 10 percent Labor sand materials’ rates:

  • First class bricks = INR 4500 for each 1000 numbers
  • Second class bricks = INR 4000 for each 1000 numbers
  • Brick Ballast is equal to INR 800 for each m3
  • Coarse sand is equal to INR 800 for each m3
  • 50 kg cement bag is equal to INR 270 for each bag
  • Twisted bars equal to INR 5000 for each quintal
  • Bitumen equal to INR 10 for each kg
  • Mason = INR 550 for each day
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Plaster equal to INR 300 for each day:

  • Carpenter = INR 500 for each day
  • Bhishti = INR 350 for each day
  • Mazdoor = INR 350 for each day
  • Painter = INR 400 for each day

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