Construction Civil Quantities Calculator (Excel File Free Download)

This file includes:

Concreting work:-

determining volume of concrete (number of cement bags, etc.) for footings, wall footing, floor slab, concrete columns (circular, rectangular), concrete beams, concrete stairs,

Construction Civil Quantities Calculator

Masonry: –

determining 1) number of concrete hollow blocks used and 2) number of cement volume of sand for mortar and plastering

Steel reinforcement:-

determining 1) number of bars in footing, wall footing, columns


determining 1) total board foot of a lumber, 2) total length or pcs of a certain lumber from bd.ft.

*Roofing work *Tiling work *Painting Work


Contents of Excel SheetIn this excel sheet you all find about the following sectionBar Bending ScheduleList of Items in BuildingsRequirement of Material (in MKS And FPS System)Requirement of Material and Labor (MKS)Materials may beRCC/PCC

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Construction Civil Quantities Calculator

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