What is Re-vibration in Concrete Compaction?

That vibration that is provided to the concrete after some time, at the time when the concrete gets placed and consolidated properly is called Revibration of concrete. When the concrete is placed in layers at a very deep structure then the vibration is done at the first layer.

We have discussed many aspects of concrete compaction in previous posts. We can recall, we have published several posts about concrete over-vibration, its disadvantage and way to diagnosis over-vibration and its detrimental effects on concrete properties. Here, we will discuss another term revibration.

Notice that we are not leaving any term about concrete and its manufacturing process. Dear reader please stay with us, we will discuss every inch of concrete technology. Now we will catch the right point re-vibration.

We know concrete need to be compacted to expel any air void and cavities.

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Once we have no way to compact concrete except hand compaction like rodding, ramming and tamping. Now we have mechanical device to compact concrete effectively. The vibrator is the device that is of different type. We have discussed some types of vibrator and some types of the same are coming soon. Degree of vibration depends on the type of vibrator and right application of it. Each vibrator has also a particular field to apply. After application of vibration as compaction effort, there arise some terms like over-vibration, revibration.

What is Re-vibration in Concrete Compaction

Revibration is delayed application of vibration to concrete which has placed and compacted already. Now question is why we should make delay in compaction effort. This condition arises where concrete is placing in layers for a relatively deep member. Where first layer is vibrated and may have hardened partially and application of vibration is transmitted to the underlying layer. In some cases this is done intentionally.

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So in many circumstances, the concrete does not get properly consolidated then the Re-vibration is done. Also, this process is quite beneficial because after the Re-vibration, aggregate particles are rearranged properly and the void is removed by air or water.

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