[Pdf] Oil and Gas Pipelines and Piping Systems. Design, Construction, Management, and Inspection

This book also deals with manners to be considered in taking pipes from stockpile and stringing along a right-of-way for subsequent welding, coating, lowering, and backfilling.

Moreover, this book covers checking to be made in respect of cleaning of pipe ends and interior of pipes as well as pipe condition. It also emphasizes the necessity of repair before lining up pipe and welding into a string.

It covers requirements for cold field bending. It describes limits to be observed in field bending in terms of minimum bend radius as well as maximum stretching or thinning of the pipe wall thickness.
In addition, this book covers technical requirements for welding of pipe over the ditch and double-jointing yard as well as laying pipe in trench, exposed, and casing sections. The requirements include complementary trenching works, considerations to be given in laying pipe when trench contains water or mud, and test of pipe coating just before laying.

  • Pages : 660
  • Size : 1.4MP

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