ET Level 1 :: Eddy Current Testing MCQ’s Part-3 | Quiz Practice for ASNT/NDT Exam Questions

Non-Destructive Testing: Total 150′ Questions for Conduct of Examinations at NDT ET Level-1. (Quiz Part-1 50′ MCQs, Part-2 50′ MCQs, Part-3 50′ MCQs.).

Eddy Current Testing Level -1 (ET) General Examination Part-3

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ET Level 1 :: NDT Eddy Current Testing MCQ’s Practice Part-3


Which of the following products would be most applicable to a test using an inside coil?



A test specimen used as a basis for calibrating test equipment or as a comparison when evaluating test results is referred to as a:



Which of the following is not applicable to eddy current testing?



An increase in the impedance of an eddy current test coil will:



Which of the following eddy current test coil arrangements uses one area of the test specimen as a reference standard against which another area on the same specimen is simultaneously compared?



Direct current saturation coils would most likely be used when testing:



A reference standard used to ensure that the amplitude and phase characteristics of an eddy current system do not drift during continuous testing is called a:



The characteristics of the alternating magnetic field in the vicinity of the ac coil are affected by:



The primary purpose(s) of the secondary winding in an eddy current coil is to:



Which of the following conditions would be the most difficult to detect when an eddy current testing rod with an encircling coil?



The process of comparing the reading or output of an instrument



The entire circumference of a test part is evaluated at one time when using:



In eddy current test systems where encircling coils are used the coupling efficiency is referred to as:



The ratio of the response or amplitude from signals of interest to the response or amplitude of indications that contain no useful information for the test being conducted is referred to as:



Lift-off is utilized in:



Which of the following test frequencies would produce eddy currents with the largest depth of penetration?



An ac current flowing in a conductor will set up:



Some of the products commonly tested using encircling coils are:



When conducting an eddy current test using a differential comparison coil arrangement that compares an external reference standard with the test. specimen the system should be nulled or balanced:



When inspecting products with a uniform cross-section an eddy current signal is produced when the leading end or trailing end of the product approaches the test coil. This phenomenon is referred to as:



Which of the following will affect the impedance of an encircling eddy current test probe?



Eddy current test coils which are wound to form a wide coil would normally be used to detect:



When a magnetic metal part is placed in an eddy current test coil the impedance of the coil will be changed by which of the following properties of the part?



One method of reducing nonrelevant indications when eddy current testing ferromagnetic materials are to:



In order to generate measurable eddy currents in a test specimen the specimen must be:



The conductivity of a material can be changed by changing the:



IACS is a recognized abbreviation for:



In an eddy current testing situation



Eddy currents are circulating currents induced in a conducting material by a:



Reference standards used for eddy current testing:



Which of the following could not be tested by the eddy current testing method?



When using an encircling coil with both primary and secondary windings the excitation alternating current is applied to:



When a test coil consists of a double winding arrangement



It is often possible to sort various nonmagnetic alloys of a metal by means of an eddy current test when:



When testing tubing with an inside diameter coil most of the eddy currents:



All ferromagnetic variations may retain a certain amount of the magnetically saturated to suppress permeability magnetization called the:



Which of the following is not a basic component of eddy current equipment?



When testing ferromagnetic materials the depth to which eddy currents are induced in the material will be determined by the:



Eddy current test coils which are wound to form a narrow coil would normally be used to detect:



The impedance of an eddy current test coil will increase if the:



When attempting to determine the exact point location of a discontinuity the test system should include:



The single absolute coil arrangement can be used in:



When testing a plate with a probe coil it is noted that the eddy current output indication varies as the distance from the coil to the surface of the test part varies. The term used to describe this action is:



When the eddy currently testing the rod for discontinuities which of the following conditions could produce extraneous indications?



Which of the following would normally be considered the best fill factor when testing straight tubing with an encircling or feedthrough coil?



An eddy current test coil?s opposition to the flow of alternating current is called:



The readout mechanism used when testing by the ellipse method is:



The main purpose of spring-loaded eddy current probe coils is to:


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