UT Level 1 :: Quiz Practice for ASNT/NDT Exam | Ultrasonic Testing MCQ’s Part-2

Non-Destructive Testing: Total 125′ Questions for Conduct of Examinations at NDT RT Level-1. (Quiz Part-1 60′ MCQs, Part-2 65′ MCQs.).

Ultrasonic Testing Level -1 (UT) General Examination Part-1

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UT Level 1 :: NDT Mock Test Practice Quiz MCQ’s Part-2


Which of the following is least likely to be a source of false indications?



The fundamental frequency of a piezoelectric crystal is primarily a function of:



An increase in gain of how many decibels corresponds to a 5:1 increase in flaw echo amplitude?



Which of the following may result in a long narrow rod if the beam divergence results in a reflection from a side of the test piece before the sound wave reaches the back surface?



In a basic pulse-echo ultrasonic instrument, the component that produces the time baseline is called a:



The 100 mm radius in an IIW block is used to:



Sound waves with particle displacement transverse to the direction of wave travel are known as:



The 2 mm wide notch in the IIW block is used to:



Inspection of castings is often impractical because of:



How many decibels of attenuation corresponds to an ultrasonic signal loss of from 100% to 25% on full-screen height?



What effect does hardening have on acoustic velocity in steel?



Gas discontinuities are reduced to flat discs or other shapes parallel to the surface by:



The only sound waves which travel in liquids are:



To avoid interfering surface waves, low frequencies should only be used on:



When contouring an angle beam wedge for a convex surface, an undesirable result of a wedge that is contoured too well might be:



Flaw sizing by the 6 dB drop technique is applicable to:



The most important factor required for the proper interpretation of ultrasonic test results is:



It is possible for a discontinuity smaller than the transducer to produce indications of fluctuating amplitude as the search unit is moved laterally if testing is being performed in the:



Which of the following is not an advantage of a focused transducer?



A divergent sound beam is produced by:



Other factors being equal, which of the following transducers would have the greatest beam spread?



The ultrasonic test method in which finger damping is most effective in locating a discontinuity is:



The angle formed by an ultrasonic wave as it enters a medium of different velocity than the one from which it came and a line drawn perpendicular to the interface between the two media is called:



When a sound beam is an incident on an acoustic interface at some angle other than normal incidence, which of the following occurs?



A type of cast iron that has ultrasonic properties similar to steel is:



A 50 percent decrease in echo amplitude is equal to a loss of how many decibels?



A focused sound beam is produced by a:



An advantage of a dual crystal search unit is that:



Acoustic energy propagates in different modes. Which of the following represent a mode?



The 50 mm diameter hole in an IIW block is used to:



The scattering of the rays of an ultrasonic beam due to reflection from a highly irregular surface is called:



Which of the following methods are used to produce ultrasonic waves?



Of the piezoelectric materials listed below, the most efficient sound transmitter is:



Variation in acoustic velocity from one type of steel to another is usually less than:



Compared to the echo returned from a smooth reflector, the echo returned from a natural flaw of the same area and orientation is:



A primary purpose of a reference standard is:



An advantage of using a transducer with a large beam spread is:



Which of the following would be considered application(s) of ultrasonic testing?



Spurious indications may be caused by which of the following?



One of the most common applications of ultrasonic tests employing shear waves is the:



Most contact testing is performed by which of the following techniques?



A significant limitation of a lower frequency, single element transducer is:



In general, which of the following materials would have the least ultrasonic attenuation?



The coated inside surface of the large end of a cathode ray tube which becomes luminous when struck by an electron beam is called:



A smooth flat discontinuity whose major plane is not perpendicular to the direction of sound propagation may be indicated by:



Which of the following is the most durable piezoelectric material?



The velocity of lamb waves depends on:



Which of the following conditions would be most likely to cause strong, interfering surface waves?



Which of the following is the least efficient generator of ultrasonic waves:



Reflection indications from a weld area being inspected by the angle beam technique may represent:



A reason for using a dual element search unit is:



Waves whose particle displacement is parallel to the direction of propagation are called:



The length of the zone adjacent to a transducer in which fluctuations in sound pressure occur is mostly affected by:



Which of the following frequencies would probably result in the greatest ultrasonic attenuation losses?



Which of the following is the least efficient receiver of ultrasonic Energy?



Which of the following is a disadvantage of immersion test units?



In steel, the velocity of sound is greatest in which of the following modes of vibration?



In which zone does the amplitude of an indication from a given discontinuity diminish exponentially as the distance increases?



Laminations would most likely be encountered in which of the following product forms?



What type of search unit allows the greatest resolving power with standard ultrasonic testing equipment?



Resolution is inversely proportional to:



Abnormally large grain size in the test material may be indicated by:



An effective method of testing for air bubbles in a pipe is to:



A wheel transducer is normally considered:



Attenuation is made up of:


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