IRT Level 1 :: Infrared Thermography Testing MCQ’s Part-1| Quiz Practice for ASNT/NDT Exam Questions

Non-Destructive Testing: Total 50′ Questions for Conduct of Examinations at NDT IRT Level-1. (Quiz Part-1 50′ .).

Infrared Thermography Testing Level -1 (IRT) General Examination Part-1

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IRT Level 1 :: NDT Infrared Thermography Testing MCQ’s Part-1


What does IFOV stand for?



A low sloped roof is inspected in the early evening after a sunny day. Wet absorbent roof insulation appears warmer than dry insulation because:



Which of the following has the lowest thermal conductivity?



The branch of science that studies the interactions of electromagnetic waves with matter is _______.



Thermal infrared radiation occurs at wavelengths:



An appropriate thermal span and level setting for imaging a human face in a 22 °C (72 °F) room are:



The ratio of the radiant emittance of a given body to that of a blackbody is defined as:



The material property that relates to the rate at that heat flows through a solid material is called:



Which type of infrared radiation is used in TV remote sensors?



One calorie is equivalent to how much heat energy?



Who found infrared radiation?



At what temperature does the emittance of thermal radiation begin?



The first law of thermodynamics states:



During the summer with clear sunny days, clear nights, and a diurnal temperature swing from 32 °C (90 °F) to 10 °C (50 °F), a lake and the surrounding land would probably have the following thermal relationship:



Which of the following camera parameters is not adjustable in post-processing computer software?



Which of the following is not a typical pattern of an anomalous thermal image associated with wet roof insulation?



Which among the following is used in astronomical telescopes and optical fibre communications?



What are the three modes of heat transfer?



What is the wavelength range of short wavelength infrared?



The radiant energy emitted by an object is a function of what power of its absolute temperature?



Which of the following is incorrect?



The temperature of an aluminum bus bar is being measured. You have determined emissivity is 0.15. What is the reflectivity of the bus bar?



Which of the following camera adjustments will have an effect on temperature measurement?



The second law of thermodynamics states:



A quick and simple technique for improving the emissivity of highly reflective surfaces is to:



A micron is a unit of measure that is:



An opaque graybody surface with an emissivity of 0.04 would be:



Which of the following temperature scales is considered to be a relative scale?



Periodically most focal plane array thermal imagers pause the live image and go through an internal routine called what?



Which of the following is a commonly used technique to increase contrast in thermal images?



A micron is a unit of:



You are inspecting an energized 440 V electrical three-phase fused disconnect. The fuse caps on the fuses are copper and appear cooler than the fuse cardboard bodies. What is probably the reason?



What can we say for certain about a clear piece of thin plastic?



A perfect thermal mirror would have an emittance equal to:



A large variance of the viewing angle from the normal (90°) to a non-metallic the emitted surface of interest energy sensed.



For every degree on the Celsius temperature scale, how many degrees are on the Fahrenheit scale?



Emittance of a surface may vary with which of the following?



Which material below is transmissive to long wave (8-14 ?m) infrared radiation?



State true or false: Microwaves are used in night vision goggles.



A thick ceramic coffee mug has an emissivity of 0.84 in the 8-14 ?m wave band. What is its reflectivity?



In an infrared roof moisture survey, what effects cause the areas of a roof over wet insulation to be warmer at night than those over dry insulation?



Which of the following IR camera settings may affect a radiometric temperature measurement?



Which of the following temperature scales is considered to be a relative scale?



Choose YES or NO: Infrared radiations have a heat-inducing property.



Which of the following temperature scales is considered an absolute scale?



Which of the following camera adjustments is used to optimize the thermal contrast of a thermal image?



Why do a block of wood and a piece of steel at the same temperature feel so different when they come into contact with your body?


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