NR Level 1 :: Neutron Radiographic Testing MCQ’s Part-2 | Quiz Practice for ASNT/NDT Exam Questions

Non-Destructive Testing: Total 120′ Questions for Conduct of Examinations at NDT NR Level-1. (Quiz Part-1 60′ Part-2 60′.).

Neutron Radiographic Level -1 (NR) General Examination Part-2

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NR Level 1 ASNT / NDT Test 2. This is a quiz over the various topics covered throughout the Neutron Radiographic Testing Level 1 section to test your understanding. Click “below button ‘or ‘Scroll down” to start your test.

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NR Level 1 :: NDT Neutron Radiographic MCQ’s Part-2


What has the highest thermal neutron absorption cross section?



In neutron radiography, L/D refers to the:



For inspection of radioactive objects or those that emit gamma radiation when bombarded with neutrons, a preferable detection method is the:



Gadolinium conversion screens are usually mounted in rigid holders called:



Radiographic contrast in a neutron radiograph is least affected by:



The penetrating ability of a thermal neutron beam is governed by:



An excellent radiograph is obtained under given exposure conditions with a thermal neutron flux of 2 x 10% n/cm2-s for 10 minutes. If other conditions are not changed, what exposure time would be required if the neutron flux was lowered to 1 x 106 n/cm2-s?



A graph showing the relationship between film optical density and exposure is called:



Possible reactions that can occur when a fast neutron strikes a nucleus are:



High-resolution gadolinium conversion screens are produced by:



A densitometer is:



As a check on the adequacy of the neutron radiographic technique, it is customary to place a standard test piece on the source side of the cassette. This standard test piece is called:



Radiographic sensitivity, in the context of defining the minimum detectable flaw, depends on:



The difference between the densities of two areas of a radiographic film is called:



When doing neutron radiography on radioactive materials, the materials are best handled:



Dysprosium conversion screens emit:



Movement, geometry, and screen contact are three factors that affect radiographic:



The mass absorption coefficients for thermal neutrons when plotted against regularly increasing atomic numbers of periodic elements present a:



An Image Quality Indicator is used to measure the:



Generally, the attenuation of neutrons by a given material is:



When radiographing a part that contains a large crack, the crack will appear on the radiograph as:



Neutron exposure may be due to:



Which elements are commonly used in the indirect transfer method?



Neutron penetration is greatest in which of the following materials?



The primary advantage of using a Cf-252 source for neutron radiography is its:



The ability to detect a small discontinuity or flaw is called:



In order to increase the neutron beam intensity:



The highest quality direct neutron radiographs obtainable today use:



The time required for one-half of the atoms in a particular sample of radioactive material to disintegrate is called:



The selection of the proper type of film to be used for neutron radiographic examination of a particular part depends on the:



Neutron beams used in nondestructive testing normally contain:



Commonly used converter screens are:



Gadolinium conversion screens emit:



Scattered radiation caused by any material, such as a wall or floor, on the film side of the specimen, is referred to as:



Hydrogenous material has a :



The best material for mounting specimens for neutron radiographic inspection is:



The main reason for using neutron radiography in place of X-radiography is:



Many of the absorption differences between neutrons and X-rays indicate clearly that the two techniques:



In order to decrease geometric unsharpness:



Short wavelength electromagnetic radiation produced during the disintegration of nuclei of radioactive substances is called:



The three main steps in processing a radiograph are:



A curie is an equivalent of:



A sheet of cadmium with an opening cut in the shape of the part to be radiographed may be used to decrease the effect of scattered neutrons, which undercuts the specimens. Such a device is called a:



The neutron cross section is the term normally used to denote:



Unwanted inclusions in a part will appear on a radiograph as:



Gadolinium is frequently employed as a neutron absorber because of its:



In the converter screen technique, the neutron image is produced by alpha, beta, or gamma radiation and it is thereby:



Conversion screens are used in neutron radiography:



Materials that are exposed to thermal neutron beams:



Converter screen material characterized by lithium, boron, and gadolinium has little tendency to become radioactive but does:



The best high-intensity source of thermal neutrons is:



Neutron converter screens should be inspected for flaws or dirt:



The accidental movement of the specimen or film during exposure or the use of a source-film that is too small will:



In general, by increasing the neutron energy from a neutron radiographic source:



The sharpness of the outline in the image of the radiograph is a measure of:



Materials in common usage for moderation of fast neutron sources include:



A type of neutron beam collimator is a:



Which of the following materials is best for making identification labels when using the neutron radiographic process?



A photographic record produced by the passage of neutrons through a specimen onto a film is called:



Higher resolution can be achieved in direct neutron radiography by:


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