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Instrumentation and Control

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Question 1:

Which is not an applicable method to detect the presence of flammable gas
A) Point Type IR Detectors
B) Electrochemical sensors
C) Catalytic sensors
D) Open Path IR Detectors

Question 2:

Following standard defines Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations
A) ISA 18.2
B) None of the answers
C) ISA 106
D) ISA 95

Question 3:

Which of the following valve types would be suitable for controlling the flow of a slurry?
A) Double-seated globe
B) Butterfly
C) Diaphragm
D) Knife edge gate

Question 4:

List the device that is not a common output transducer for an electronic pressure transmitter
A) capacitance
C) strain gage
D) flapper-nozzle

Question 5:

Following statement is true when exchanging Digital O/P signal from DCS to package PLC
A) DCS Relay’s potential free contact shall be wired to Package PLC’s DI Channel
B) Package PLC DI channel shall provide interrogation voltage to DCS Relay contact
C) DCS shall have relay output
D) All of the statements are true

Question 6:

Select the false statement for analog type input/output
A) When field device has active output it means that control system should not give voltage for loop powering
B) Loop powered means voltage supplied by Control System
C) Control system output is configured as passive type when it gives output to another PLC
D) Field device output is passive when connected for loop powered by Control System

Question 7:

When performing a zero-based calibration on a D/P transmitter, the low pressure port of the transmitter:
A) should be closed
B) should be connected to a 2.04 “Hg vacuum source
C) should be connected to the high pressure air supply
D) should be vented to the atmosphere

Question 8:

The purpose of indicating Control Valve Air Failure Action in I/O Database is
A) to decide controller output direction (0%=Valve Close; 100%=Valve Open)
B) to decide controller action (Direct / reverse)
C) It is irrelevant for DCS vendor
D) to decide input (PV) direction to controller

Question 9:

Following instrument is used to measure shaft phase angle and give signal per rotation
A) Proximeters
B) Keyphaser
C) Accelometers
D) Tacometer

Question 10:

Which configuration is the safest (i.e., the one most likely to respond to a true demand)?
A) 1oo1
B) None of the answers
C) 2oo2
D) 1oo2

Question 11:

Interface level transmitter output is
A) 12mA when tank is filled 50% physically
B) 4 mA when tank is fully filled with heavier fluid
C) 20 mA when tank is fully filled with lighter fluid
D) 20 mA when tank is fully filled with heavier fluid

Question 12:

Following standard is referred for wedge meter
A) It is normally as per manufacturer standard
B) ISO 5167 Part 5: 2016
C) ISO 5167 Part 6: 2019
D) There no standard exists

Question 13:

According to IEC 681131, a PLC is programmed in
A) Ladder logic
C) Any of the answers
D) Function blocks

Question 14:

PROFIBUS-DP is different from PA because:
A) It has a different message format.
B) The difference is just marketing fluff
C) It uses a different media access method
D) It uses a different cable type and signaling method

Question 15:

Which of the following is often not included in an alarm system audit?
A) Alarm system requirement specification.
B) Alarm system performance metrics.
C) Operator interviews.
D) Out-of-service alarms.

Question 16:

Which flowmeter is suitable for Low Reynolds number and high viscous service
A) Pitot
B) Orifice
C) Wedge
D) Venturi

Question 17:

The process of securing a system by reducing its attack surface is known as
A) Threat Modeling
B) Whitelisting
C) System Hardening
D) Intrusion Detection

Question 18:

The following is not applicable term with respect to Modbus RTU Configuration
A) Baud Rate
C) Bit Reversal
D) Odd / Even Parity

Question 20:

All OPC Servers must present as a minimum which interface?
A) browser
B) application
C) custom
D) unique

Question 21:

The CV rating of a valve is used to
A) Calculate the flow thru a valve
B) Calculate the Δp across a valve
C) All of the answers
D) Calculate the % valve open

Question 22:

Bypassing a Safety Instrumented Function may be required for:
A) Prevention of nuisance alarms
B) Keep from shutting down an effected operating area during upset conditions
C) Safety Instrumented Functions are not permitted to be bypassed under any circumstance
D) Maintenance, functional testing, and replacement

Question 23:

Valve flow characteristics can only be changed by:
A) Adding upstream restrictors
B) Changing the valve
C) Changing the valve type
D) Changing valve plug mechanical configurations

Question 24:

Which is the applicable standard for enclosure ingress protection?
A) IEC 60079
B) IEC 60534
C) IEC 60584
D) IEC 60529

Question 25:

Which codes/standards are being revised and/or already invoke the concepts of a Safety Instrumented Systems associated with Burner Management Systems:
A) NFPA 86
B) All of the answers
C) API 556
D) FM 7605 & EN50156-1

Question 26:

Following is true for Controller in Auto Mode
A) Controller output tracks Setpoint
B) PV tracks set point
C) Controller output tracks PV
D) setpoint tracks PV

Question 27:

Select true statement for Non-contact type radar level transmitter
A) It can be used for fouling or corrosive services
B) It is used for products with dielectric constant >1.4
C) All are true statements
D) Do not use when the fluid surface is agitated or when foam may be formed

Question 28:

Which configuration provides the best protection against nuisance shutdowns?
A) None of the answers
B) 1oo2
C) 2oo2
D) 1oo1

Question 29:

The direct-acting actuator is ________
A) Air to Open type actuator
B) Air to Close type actuator
C) Piston type actuator
D) applicable for the motorized actuator

Question 30:

2oo2 voting logic in fail-safe mode is following Gate

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