Saudi Aramco HVAC QC Interview Questions

Saudi Aramco HVAC QC Interview Questions 

1.    What  is the Inspection engineering code for HVAC Inspection Requirements?
Ans : 27-SAIP-01
2.    What is SATR –K-001?
Ans: fire damper test
3.    What  SAES-K-003 mentioned in the about Saudi Aramco standard?
4.    What SATIP-A-004-02 Mentioned related in HVAC?
5.    What is SATIP-K-001-11 Mentioned?ANS: split units (dx unts)
6.    What is SATIP-A-004-05  mentioned?
Ans:CHW system
7.    What is SATIP-N-001&002 Mentioned
8.    Which SA checklist  used for Air Moving Cooling Valve and Apparatus Arrangement Installation (DX Units)
9.    What is SATIP-L-2006?

10. What SATR-K-006 mentioned  in HVAC?
ans:TAB hvac system

11. What is SATIP-K-001-01 Mentioned? 
ans: centrifugal fan

12. What are the abbreviation legends for H, W, S, R, RH, I in SAIC?

13. What is SAIC-S-4019?

14. What is SATIP-N-001&002 Mentioned?
15. What is SAIC-K-4001?ans:exshust fan receiving
16. What is SATIP-K-001-02 Mentioned? ans:ahu
17. Which data sheet mentioned about reciprocating compressor?
18. Which  is SA standard mentioned about  HVAC?ans: saes-k-4001
19. Which  SA checklist  used for Final inspection of HVAC System)saic-k-4043
20. This standard SAES-K-002 mentioned about Saudi Aramco?
21. Which SATIP and SAIC used for Copper line?ans: satip-k-001-07&saic-k-4026
22. What is Ashrare, Smacna, DW 144, DW143 Standards?ans:sheet metal air condition contract association
23. What is vendor code? Explain.
24. Where does  shut off valve used  in DX Line?ans:discharge line
25. What SAEP-3101 mentioned?
26. What  is the Inspection engineering code for HVAC Inspection Requirements?
27. How long Calibration  validity for pressure relief  valve and pressure gauge?ans:1 week&1 month
28. What is SAIC-S-4032 ?ans:passivle cold shelter installation
29. This standard SAES-K-002 mentioned about Saudi Aramco?
30. Which  SA checklist  used for Air Terminal Devices (Volume Dampers and Duct Heaters) Receiving.ans: saic-k- 4009

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