What is Carpet Area.. Built-up Area and Super-Built-up Area?

What is Carpet Area, Built-up Area and Super-Built-up Area?

The size of a property is often measured in square feet or square meters. You may encounter terminology like “carpet area,” “built-up area,” and “super built-up area” when buying a home. As a customer, these terms could be confusing to you because many people think they all interchangeably mean the same thing. Although they may sound similar, the carpet area and built-up area actually differ significantly from one another.

What is Carpet Area according to RERA?

The carpet area is that portion of the apartment or flat that you could cover with a carpet. The carpet area sometimes referred to as the net usable area, is the portion of your property that is suitable for carpet installation.

The interior wall thickness is included, but the balcony or terrace is not. The carpet area is, technically speaking, the space between the external walls. Additionally, if the staircase is inside the apartment, it will be included.

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In India, real estate developers frequently misapplied these terminologies by misleading purchasers about the actual usable area and inventing complex terms to create the illusion of ample space.

Carpet Area, Built-up Area and Super-Built-up Area

Since the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016 (RERA) came into effect, all builders are now required to sell flats based on the carpet area.

According to RERA, the net useable floor area of an apartment comprises the area enclosed by the internal partition walls but excludes the area enclosed by the exterior walls, areas under services shafts, the balcony or verandah, and any open terrace area.

Carpet Area = Area of Bedroom(s) + Area of Living Room(s) + Area of the Toilet(s) + Thickness of the Internal Walls

What is Built-up Area according to RERA?
The carpet area plus the area covered by the walls and the balcony constitute the built-up area of your flat or apartment. In Indian apartment buildings, the walls and balconies occupy close to 30% of the total area of the housing unit. This implies that if the developer informs you that the apartment has a built-up area of 1,000 square feet, you may estimate that the carpet area of the apartment won’t be more than 700 square feet.

Built-up Area = Carpet Area + Area covered by the External walls + Area of Balcony

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What is Super Built-up Area according to RERA?

The term “super built-up area” refers to the total built-up area of a flat as well as any shared spaces that the flat owner will have access to within the confines of the building where the flat is located. These common areas include things like a building’s corridors, elevators, lifts, and stairs. Under no circumstances may the terms “super built-up area” or “carpet area” be used interchangeably. The built-up and carpet spaces of a house are items that only the owners of a flat have access to, but the other common areas of the society are, by definition, open to all of the society’s members.

Super Built-up Area = Built-up Area + Proportionate Common Area

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