Piping Interview Questions Saudi Aramco QC Inspector CBT

Piping Interview Questions Part-1

         1. Write the weld layers?

1. Root
2. hot pass
3. fill
4. cap

         2. Accepted miss alignment in piping?

1. 1.5mm as per ASME 31.3
2. 1.6mm as per ASME sec IX

         3.What is Mean ITP?

                       An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) or test plan is a document detailing a systematic approach to testing a system or product (e.g. material, component, machine, etc) such as a visual inspection, dimension inspection, welding inspection, function test, factory acceptance test, etc. and participation of all parties.

          4. What are the four types of inspection stage? Explain.

1.Hold 2.witness 3.Surveillance 4.Review
Hold: QA/QC Organization shall be noticed of the timing of inspection or test in advance. Inspection or test shall not to carry out QA/QC organization representative in attendance
Witnness: QA/QC Organization shall be noticed of the timing of inspection or test in advance. Inspection or test shall be performed as schedule if the QA/QC Organization representation is not present
Survellance:QA/QC Organization monitoring the work in process without notice from construction Organization
Review:Review and approval all documents

           5. Explain about ‘specifications’?

               Specifications are guideline detail for construction requirement and minimum quality standard are listed.

            6. What is P&ID?

               A piping and instrumentation diagram, or P&ID, shows the piping and related components of a physical process flow. (Branches, reducers, valves, equipment, instrumentation and control interlock)

      7. What is WPS?

              A Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is the formal written document describing welding procedures, which provides direction to the welder or welding operators for making sound and quality production welds as per the code requirements

8. What is PQR?

                A PQR is a record of a test weld performed and tested (more rigorously) to ensure that the procedure will produce a good weld. A WPS is supported by a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)

9. What is WPQ?

                        A Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ) is a test certificate that shows whether a welder possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to perform the specifications of a particular weld procedure

 10.Different between Pipe and Tube?

           PIPE:It is identified by NB(Nominal Bore) and its thickness is identified by schedule
           TUBE:It is identified by OD (Outside Diameter) and its thickness is identified by BWG (Birmingham Wire Gauge)

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