Parts of A Fillet Weld

A Fillet weld is comprised of various elements. These elements or terms are shown in the below figure. The main parts of a Fillet Weld are:

  • Fillet Weld Throat (a)- Theoretical throat, actual throat & Effective throat.
  • Fillet weld Leg Length (z)
  • Weld’s face
  • Weld Toe
  • Root
  • Root Penetration
  • Fillet weld Convexity or concavity

Dimension of a Fillet Weld:

Fillet weld is specified by a size known as either throat size (given as a) or leg length (given as z). Throat size measurement is used in ISO & British inspection standards while leg length is used in AWS (Americans) & CSA (Canadian) welding inspection standards.

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