What is fillet Weld Sizes?

A weld fillet or Fillet Weld sizes are checked for either throat size (z) or leg length size (a). AWS Standards such as AWS D1.1 (most famous welding code) or API or ASME or CSA (Canadian) codes use leg length of fillet weld measurements.

ISO/ British/ German/ Australian standards rely upon Fillet Weld Size measurements using the Throat Size (a). Refer to the below figure & you will find many other important measurements that are used for Fillet Weld are as:

Fillet Gauge
  • Throat size (a), usually by measuring the actual throat of the fillet weld.
  • Leg Length (z), there are two leg lengths of a fillet weld.

Leg Length of a Fillet Weld is referred to the vertical and horizontal length of the triangular shape of the fillet. Similarly, the throat size (a) of a Fillet weld is the length of the altitude on the hypotenuse of this triangle.

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