HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance

Now in it’s newly updated third edition, this handbook was written to serve as a complete and concise reference for those engaged in the operation and maintenance of automatic control systems serving building heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. 

The full range of topics pertinent to the effective operation of all types of HVAC control systems currently in use today are explored, including equipment-to-control interactions, control system set-up and functions, local loop to building automation system interfaces, performance prediction and assessment, operational parameters, and maintenance and testing.

The third edition includes a new chapter covering the installations and procedures required to update an existing pneumatic control system to a hybrid pneumatic and direct digital system by adding DDC signal sensing and control algorithms to existing pneumatic actuators on dampers and valves.

The Contents of HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenan

 Chapter 1 Basic Functions of HVAC Systems and Control System

 Chapter 2 HVAC Equipment-to-Control Interaction

 Chapter 3 Operating and Maintaining HVAC Control System

 Chapter 4 The Mathematics of Control Systems: Controller Equation

 Chapter 5 Performance Prediction in HVAC Control System

 Chapter 6 HVAC Control System Set-U

 Chapter 7 Maintaining Electric and Electronic Control System

Chapter 8 Maintaining Pneumatic Control Systems

 Chapter 9 Maintaining Local Loop to BAS Interfaces

 Chapter 10 HVAC Control System Checkout Procedures

 Chapter 11 Fine Tuning Program for Pneumatic Control Systems

 Chapter 12 Troubleshooting ATC Systems

 Chapter 13 Tools & Fixtures for ATC System Operation and Maintenance

 Chapter 14 Training Control System Operating and Maintenance Personnel

 Chapter 15 Installing Hybrid Pneumatic and Direct Digital Control Systems.

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