Fillet Weld Symbol

Fillet Weld Symbol 

The standard fillet weld symbol is represented by a right-angle triangle placed on the reference line. The vertical side of this triangle showing the fillet weld symbol is always placed on the left side of the drawing reader/ viewer as shown in the below figure. 

The fillet welds are placed either on the arrow side or other side. They can be welded on both sides two using a symmetrical welding symbol as shown above.

Placing Fillet Weld Size & Length in a Weld Symbol

Fillet weld size is always placed on the left side of the Fillet Weld Symbol as represented in the below example. Similarly, the length of the fillet weld must be given on the right side of the Fillet Weld Symbol. If length is not specified, it means welding has to be deposited in the full length of this location.

Weld All Around Fillet Weld & Field Weld:

A Weld All Around Fillet Weld Symbol is represented using a circle that is placed at the arrow line & the reference line junction as shown in the below example. While a Field Weld Fillet Weld Symbol is illustrated using a flag (Can have any direction- left or right) although should be opposite to the arrow. Field Weld Symbol is also placed at the junction of the reference line & arrow line.

Apart from the above, Fillet Weld Symbol includes Supplementary Welding Symbols to show the weld contour. Refer below figure & look at the various contours that apply to fillet weld based on general Fillet Weld Shape and artificial Fillet Weld Shape resulting due to mechanical means as:

  • Concave Fillet weld Shape
  • Convex Fillet weld Shape
  • Flat or Mitre Fillet weld Shape

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