Scope of this document is to provide a guidance on the process of Third Party Vendor / Project Inspectors Qualification through Computer Based Testing (CBT).

Aramco have established a contract with Third Party Vendor “Pearson VUE” to provide service of Computer Based Testing (CBT) for the qualification (Theory Exams) of Third Party Inspectors. These Third Party Inspectors must pass relevant Aramco examinations before they are able to perform related inspection activities on behalf of Aramco. Pearson VUE will facilitate in scheduling of exams for CBT in one of their authorized test centers worldwide.
Note: This Document in no mean will replace existing General inspection Service contract or Project Contract obligations with regards to Inspectors Minimum Qualification Requirements. This document is to provide only a guidance on the CBT process.
Inspectors Qualification process:
Ø Quality Professionals who wish to be registered and qualified as Inspectors in Aramco system should enroll their profile first with one of the Inspection agencies or Project Contractors.
Ø Inspection agency or project contractor will submit a formal request for Inspector qualification exams to one of the Aramco Regional offices (AOC, ASC, SAO, AAJ, or one of PID inspection offices). The inspection agency or project contractor shall verify compliance of proposed inspector with minimum academic, certification, and experience qualification criteria requirements set by Aramco. Request should include supporting documents (such as list of QM codes to be examined, CV, certificates where applicable, correct personal details of the candidates, Privacy notice signed by candidate, etc…).

Ø Aramco will prescreen the received request from inspection agency or project contractor. Upon ensuring compliance to minimum academic, certification, and experience qualification requirements, Aramco will reply to the request with authorization confirmation and authorized examinations that can be registered by the candidate in Pearson VUE website.
Ø The authorization confirmation may include inspector’s unique registration number created by Aramco (commonly called SAP number). The registration number is created to track inspector qualification process and shall not be confused as indication of inspector approval.
Ø The requesting inspection agency or project contractor shall ensure that information is only shared with the candidate taking the exam.
Ø Candidate will register in Pearson VUE at to create a profile and receive login details to access Aramco Inspector Qualification Landing. At this stage the candidate shall carefully read the exam and registration policy in the Pearson VUE website especially regarding photo ID requirements.
Ø Candidate shall ensure that all information provided to Aramco is matching with information registered in Pearson VUE which also must match the candidate’s required photo ID(s) used to enter the exam.
Ø Candidate will schedule appointment and make payment for the exam. Note: candidates shall ensure checking the registration data and verify it is exactly matching the information provided in the authorization confirmation by Aramco.
Ø Once exam is completed, the candidate will receive test completion receipt from Pearson VUE CBT facility. Confirmation of exam completion and clear scan of the test completion

receipt shall be submitted to the Aramco inspection office by e-mail as advised in the authorization confirmation e-mail.
Ø Aramco will review the test results and notifies of interview schedule. The inspection agency or project contractor may request to change interview date and/or venue 2 days before the scheduled interview. Candidate availability is important to be able to achieve the proposed target of 2 weeks between receiving of candidate examination completion receipt and inspector final qualification results.
Ø Final result Pass / Fail of each exam will be shared through candidates registered inspection agency or project contractor upon completion of both theory and Interview.

Ø Below is a list of the currently offered tests. This list is subject to change by Aramco inspection office based on the activities and needs.
Study Material:
Ø Aramco do not provide any study materials on inspector’s qualification exams. It is the hiring organization, inspection agency or project contractor, which is responsible to ensure inspector is knowledgeable with applicable international standards and industry practices. The exam content covers both theory and practice of the related discipline.
Ø Exam questions and answers are based on Industrial Codes and standards relevant to the exams you are registered.
Ø As part of the continuous improvement of exam content, the test taker is encouraged provide feedback regarding any question during the exam. However, the test taker is advised to manage the exam and priority is to answer all questions within the time limit.
Exam Fee: Candidate or their inspection agency or Project Contractor (depends on their internal agreement with their agency/ Project Contractor) shall have to pay for each individual exams (commodities /QM code) to take that exam.
Payment Method: Payment can be done online and by calling Pearson VUE customer service helpline, Pearson VUE accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Master Card), if candidate / inspection agency/ project contractor are using a debit card, please ensure that it allows the online payments by contacting your bank. Note: If candidate will take the exam in Lebanon or Pakistan; booking the exam can be done only by visiting the test center at least 7 business days prior to your exam date and paying the exam fees as cash only.

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Changes or Modification to Candidate details:
Ø During scheduling for exams candidates are not allowed to modify or make changes to their personal data such as First and last name, Contact phone number, Address, email address, employer or company name.
Ø For any changes or modification to provided details, candidates to contact their registered Inspection agency or Project Contractor who ultimately should contact Aramco for the correction prior to their exam date.
Exam results:
Ø Immediately after Candidate Completes the exam, confirmation report on exam completion will be printed out and provided to candidate in the test center.
Ø To be qualified, inspector is required to pass both written exam and interview.  
Ø Final result Pass / Fail will be shared through their registered inspection agency /Project Contractor upon completion of both theory and Interview.
Retake policy:
Failed applicant can retake the test after one (1) month for the 1st attempt and three (3) months for the subsequent attempts.
Admissions, Re-Scheduling and Cancellation Policies
We ask that Candidates arrive at the test center 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. This will give candidate adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures. If candidate arrive more than 15 minutes late from their appointment start time, candidates may be refused admission and will lose the exam fees.
Candidates should be prepared to show two (2) valid forms of personal ID.
a) One form as a primary ID (with name, photo and signature)
b) One form as a secondary ID (with name and Photo)
Primary ID must:
c) contain candidate photograph,
d) contain candidate name in English or regional language where test center located.
e) be valid (ie not expired).
Acceptable Primary IDs include:
 Passport
 Government-issued photocard driving license
· Government-issued national ID card (only accepted if the card is issued in the country where candidate are testing)
 Employee ID
The name on candidate ID must exactly match the name with which candidate registered for their exam. If candidate are unsure whether their ID is acceptable, please contact Pearson VUE customer Service before the day of their exam at
No personal items may be taken into the testing room. This includes all electronic devices, bags, books, notes, phones, pagers, money, tissues, pens, watches and wallets.
If candidate wish to reschedule the exam, candidate must access the online Pearson VUE account to reschedule exam at least a minimum of seven (7) calendar days prior to scheduled appointment date. Rescheduling less than seven (7) calendar days prior to appointment date will result in the forfeiture of your exam fee.

If candidate wish to cancel exam, candidate must access online Pearson VUE account to cancel the exam at least a minimum of 7 days prior to appointment, a full refund will be issued to the same credit card used for booking the exam. The refund takes 10-14 business days.
Exams cannot be cancelled less than 7 days prior to their appointment. Failure to cancel in time or failure to appear for their appointment will result in the forfeiture of their exam fee.
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