Types of Bonds in Brick Masonry Work [Stretcher Bond, Header Bond, English Bond, Flemish Bond]

Due to the uniform shape of the bricks, they can be easily arranged in different forms and types. The different types of brick bonds have been discussed in this blog.

Types of Bond in Brick Masonry Work

The following are the different types of bonds most commonly used in brick masonry:

  • Stretcher bond
  • Header bond
  • English bond
  • Flemish bond

Other types of bonds in brick masonry are:

  • Garden wall bond
  • Raking bond
  • Dutch bond
  • Brick-on-edge bond
  • English cross bond
  • Facing bond

Stretcher Bond in Brick Masonry:

Stretcher Bond

In brick masonry, a stretcher bond is a type of bond in which all the bricks are masoned in a stretcher course as shown in the figure. This bond is mostly used for a one-brick partition wall. Since this bond has no headers so this bond does not develop proper internal bonding with an adjacent brick if used for thick walls. Therefore this type of bond should not be used for walls thicker than a one-brick wall.

Header Bond in Brick Masonry:

Header bond

A header is a small square face of the brick. In the header bond, all the bricks in each course are placed on the faces of the walls as headers as shown in the figure below. Just as stretcher bonds are used for walls of half brick thickness, similarly header bonds are used for walls of full brick thickness.

English Bond in Brick Masonry:

English bond

English bonds are most commonly used in practice. It is considered to be the strongest bond in brickwork as compared to other types of bonds. The English bond in brick masonry consists of a course of stretchers and a course of headers over it, i.e. it consists of two alternating courses of stretcher and header as shown in the figure below.

Flemish Bond in Brick Masonry:

Flemish Bond

In this type of bond, headers and stretchers are alternately placed on each course. The headers of each course are centrally supported over a stretcher below it as shown in the figure below. The Flemish bond is divided into two categories i.e., Double Flemish Bond and Single Flemish Bond.

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