Top 40 Questions Civil QC Inspector Online Quiz Free Mock Test-5 (CBT)

Civil QC Inspector MCQ’s Online Free Mock Test-5

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Mock Test-5

Number of Questions – 40

Notes : The Quiz makes In multiple-choice quiz, there is a timer for 50 seconds/question.When 10 seconds is left, automatically the timer is red in color.finally, when the time is end,the correct answer is automatically shown.

Example Questions: 

  1. Measurement of any cores shall not be less than ………….of the design thickness, whichever is less.
  2. Minimum compressive strength of epoxy grout to be.?
  3. Core compaction requirements shall be equal to or greater than ……..%  of Marshall density (ASTM D-2726/ASTM D1559) using samples taken at the road site
  4. Gypsum board corners shall be square with a tolerance of over the full width of the board. (1997 UBC, Sec. 2502.14; ASTM 06, sec. 6.2.5)
  5. Wood supports for lath or gypsum board shall not be less than…………  in least dimension. (1997 UBC, Sec. 2503.2)
  6. The maximum particle size of fill material shall be?
  7. A fill material to be classified, as “select fill” shall contain  ………..% particles passing thru 20O sieves
  8. The primary member use to carry the axial compressive load is?
  9.   Density of light weight concrete is?
  10. Intensity of force per  unit area is?

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