Top 40+ Equipment Piping Inspector Question and Answers

Piping Inspector – Equipment Question and Answers:

  1. What are responsibilities of equipment inspector as per schedule “Q”?

Knowledge about the ASME code, perform all type of inspection, using of instrument like caliper, micrometer, pit gauge etc.

  1. TRUE or FALSE: After stress-reliving operation on vessels has been completed, major repair welding is permitted with the authorized inspector concurrence?


  1. Name the 3 type of pump?

Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Rotary, Special (jet pump)

  1. After the pump mounted on base plate, what at least two dimension should be checked prior to shipping?

Nozzle elevation, shaft center line, anchor bolts hole location.

  1. ASME Section I covers the construction of which Boiler?

Power boiler

  1. Which ASME section covers the rules for construction of pressure vessels?


  1. What is the use of calipers?

To get accurate internal and external dimension

  1. What instrument you will use to check the alignment before installation of coupling?
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Dial indicator

  1. What is pit gauge and what is use of pit gauge?

It’s inspection instrument to check the depth of pitted spot

  1. What is boroscope and what is use of this?

It’s inspection instrument to check the internal corrosion

  1. At least how many days a leveling steel plate shall be installed before equipment erection?

7 Days QCP/600/019, Para 5.2

  1. What is HIC?

Hydrogen Induced Cracking

  1. What is hot-tap?

The technique of attaching a welded branch fitting to piping or equipment in service, and creating an opening in that piping or equipment by drilling or cutting a portion of the piping or equipment within the attached fitting.

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