Temp – Reduction in Subsize Specimen for Charpy Impact Test

We need to know the way of calculation temperature reduction when we use sub size specimen.


We have tested an A333 Gr.6 (4″ pipe-6.3 mm thickness). Laboratory used a sub size specimen (55510) and tested it at -48c. test temperature of A 333 Gr.6 is -45C (3 degree Celsius cooler temperature) Unfortunately absorbed energy was low and the test was failed. We see a clause in standard (SA-333/SA-333M) which described that:

14.1.2) When sub size Charpy impact specimens are used and the width along the notch is less than 80% of the actual wall thickness of the original material.

Is this clause applicable for this case??????
Really we don’t know which one is correct?

  • (5/6.3) * 100 = 79% then we should not apply the above mentioned clause and we shall calculate reduction temperature and test my sample in cooler temperature(-45 + -3 = -48).
  • (10/6.3) * 100 = 159% then we should not apply the above-mentioned clause and no need to reduce temperature and test my sample in MDMT(-45).

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