Storage Tank :: Inspection and Test Plan [ITP]

This page provides a sample inspection and test plan for storage tank which is used in the manufacturing shop and site for inspection and testing purposes.

Inspection and Test Plan for Storage Tank

You may also want to review storage tank inspection and storage tank inspection procedure/instruction article. The API 650 for atmospheric above ground storage tank and API 620 for low pressure storage tank requirements normally are applied for inspection and test plan in manufacturing shop as well as site erection.

The witness of some inspection and test by third party inspector is mandatory and cannot be waived.

Some others must only monitored and fully witnessing is not necessary, for these items, the inspection man-days etc. depends to the purchaser decision, some prefer stringent monitoring and even assign resident inspector in manufacturing shop and some others relay to quality control system of the manufacture and assign only few days for monitoring points.

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These are some of inspection points which need to be witnessed, checked monitored and reviewed by third party inspector in pressure vessel manufacture shop.

Important Points:

  1. Shell plates to be dimensionally checked (including diagonals for squareness) before rolling to curvature.
  2. All shell plates to be inspected and dimensionally checked after rolling to curvature.
  3. Checking material test certificates and ensuring that all shell plates are clearly stamped with the cast and plate number, so that they can be identified against the relevant test certificates.
  4. Checking material test certificates for roof and bottom plates.
  5. Selection of the spot radiographs, DP & MP test as per codes.
  6. Reviewing of radiographs.
  7. On completion of inspection of shell plates ensuring that vendor provide a chart giving all plate numbers, tier by tier.
  8. Inspection of fabrication of all fabricated fittings. This is to include checking of material test certificates also.
  9. Inspection of tank gauging equipment.
  10. For shop fabricated tanks, witnessing hydrostatic tests to applicable standards.
  11. Checking welding material electrodes.

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