Standard Size of Brick as per BIS | Brick Size in India

Standard Size of Brick as per BIS | Brick Size in India

Bricks are prepared in different sizes at different places. Custom in the locality is the governing factor in deciding the size and type of brick. Bricks that are not standardized are known as conventional or traditional bricks.

If the bricks are large, they are difficult to burn properly and they become so heavy that it is difficult to use them with one hand while doing masonry work. On the other hand, if the bricks are smaller in size, more mortar is required. Hence the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has recommended bricks of uniform size to deal with these problems. Such bricks are known as modular bricks.

In this blog post, I am discussing the standard size of bricks as per BIS.

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What is the Standard Size of a Brick in India as per BIS?

The standard size of brick in India is as follows:

Standard Modular Size of Brick in India

The following non-modular sizes of bricks may also be used:

Standard Non-Modular Size of Brick

Advantages of Modular Brick Over Traditional Brick

The advantages that a modular brick has over traditional brick are many, such as:

  • requires less drying area
  • saving in space of floor area
  • the economy in cost of brick masonry
  • saving in labor cost
  • fewer losses during handling, etc.
  • less consumption of mortar.

Standard Size of Bricks for Different Countries

The table below mentions the standard sizes of bricks for different countries:

Standard Size of Bricks for Different Countries

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