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Non-Destructive Testing: 50′ Questions for Conduct of Examinations at NDT RT Levels-1

Radiographic Testing Level -1 (RT-1) General Examination Part-1

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RT Level 1 :: NDT Mock Test Practice Quiz MCQ’s Part-1


Most scattered radiation which adversely affects the radiographic image quality originates:



Pinhole radiography would be used to:



A radiation producing device that emits radiation of one or a few discreet wavelengths is:



Which of the following statements should be true to achieve the highest level of radiographic sharpness (definition)?



A straight, dark line in the center of the film of a weld cap would probably be:



Reticulation may be the result of:



Which of the following is an isotope not artificially produced for industrial use:



Which of the following is a function of lead screens?



Which type of film would exhibit the coarsest grain?



A silver nitrate spot test might be used to:



The main advantage of having a small focal spot on an X-ray tube is:



Thicker materials would normally be inspected using:



A detrimental effect of fluorescent screens might be:



Which one of the following steps is necessary to dissolve the undarkened silver salt crystals in the film emulsion:



An effect of scattered radiation is to:



The normal range of steel that is radiographed using Ir-192 is:


Which of the following viewing conditions is most desirable for interpreting radiographic film?



X-ray intensity is a function of :



One half-value layer of lead for Iridium-192 is approximate:



Betatrons are used to produce X rays in what range?



The film processing step in which the undeveloped silver bromide is removed from the film emulsion is called:



Approximately what energy X-ray machine would be required to have penetrating power equivalent to a Cobalt-60 source:



A densitometer is an instrument that measures:



A linear accelerator is used to produce X rays having energy in the range of:



The focal spot size of an X-ray machine must be known in order to determine:



A casting flaw which is formed when two masses of molten metal flowing from different directions flow together but fail to fuse is called:



Radiography of tubular sections using a double-wall, double viewing technique is mainly applicable to sections:



X rays are produced by:



What is the minimum age in years at which a person may perform radiography :



The silver nitrate spot test can be used to:



Film intensifying screens are normally used to:



Which of the following types of radiation is particulate?



Which of the following is the most common method of packaging film?


An advantage of a gamma-ray source is:



Another name for a penetrameter is:



Higher X ray tube voltages result in:



Most of the energy applied to an X-ray tube is converted into:



Cobalt-60 is produced by:



Which of the following types of intensifying screens are not used in industrial radiography?



One half-value layer of lead for Cobalt-60 is approximate:



The difference in densities seen on a radiograph due to section changes in an item is:



What is the most important factor in determining the archival quality of the radiographic film?



The penetrating power of an X-ray machine is indicated by:



For a particular isotope, the gamma radiation intensity is determined by:



A wetting agent is used in film processing to



48 Which of the following is the correct formula to use for calculating geometric unsharpness if F=source size, T=specimen thickness, D=source to object distance and Ug =geometric unsharpness:



Which of the following correctly expresses the inverse square law if I1=dose rate nearest source, I2 =dose rate furthest from the source, D1=distance nearest to source and D2=distance furthest from the source:



Radiographic enlargement to distinguish small defects is possible:



The intensifying action of lead screens is caused by:



How is the wavelength of scattered radiation compared to the primary beam?


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