It is the branch of engineering which deals with the measurement, monitoring, display etc. of the several of energy exchanges which take place during process operations. “In short Instrumentation is the study of Instrument.”
Instrument is a device which is used to measure, monitor, display etc. of a process variable.
Some Saudi Aramco Standards (SAES):
1- SAES – J-001 (Instrument Index)
2- SAES – J-002 (Regulated Vendor List for Instrument/Technically Acceptable Instrument)
3- SAES – J-003 (Basic Design Criteria)
4- SAES – J-004 (Instrument Symbol and Identification)
5- SAES – J-005 (Drawing and Forms)
6- SAES – J-100 (Flow Measurement)
7- SAES – J-200 (Pressure Measurement)
8- SAES – J-300 (Level Measurement)
9- SAES – J-400 (Temperature Measurement)
10- SAES – J-502 (Analyzer Shelter)
11- SAES – J-505 (Combustible Gas and Hydrogen Sulfide in Air Detection System).
12- SAES – J-600 (Pressure Relief Valve)
13- SEAS – J-601 (Emergency Shutdown and Isolation Systems)
14- SAES – J-700 (Control Valve)
15- SAES – J-801 (Control Building)
16- SAES – J-901 (Instrument Air Supply System)
17- SAES – J-902 (Electrical System for Instrumentation) – Cable tray Noise Susceptibility Levels (NSL)
18- SAES – J-903 (Intrinsically Safe System)
19- SAES – B-006 (Fire Proofing of Cable for Fire Hazardous Area)
20- SAES – B-068 (Electrical Area Classification)
21- SAES – P-104 (Wiring Methods and Materials)
22- SAES – P-111 (Grounding)
23- SAES – P-103 (UPS and DC System)
24- SAES – T-634 (Telecommunications – Cable Testing and Acceptance)
25- SAES – T-796 (Communications Facility Grounding Systems)
26- SAES – T-911 (Telecommunication Conduit System Design)
Various NEC article numbers:
250 Grounding and Bonding
300 Wiring Methods & Materials
320 Armored Cable
344 Rigid Metal Conduits
352 Rigid Nonmetallic Conduits
354 Nonmetallic Underground Conduits
358 High Density Polyethylene Conduits
360 Flexible Metallic Tubing
362 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT)
366 Power and Tray Cable
392 Cable Tray
500/505 Hazardous Location
504 Intrinsically Safe System
700 Emergency System
727 Instrument Cable Tray
760 Fire Alarm System
Some Abbreviations:
QCP Quality Control Plan
ITP Inspection Test Plan
TQ Technical Query
SAES Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard
SAIC Saudi Aramco Inspection Checklist
SATIP Saudi Aramco Typical Inspection Plan
SATR Saudi Aramco Test Report
SASD Saudi Aramco Standard Drawing
SAIP Saudi Aramco Inspection Personal
SAMSS Saudi Aramco Materials System Specification
SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization
AWC Armor Wire Cable
NEC National Electrical Code
NACE National American Corrosion Engineers
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Equation
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
BS British Standards
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
ICEA Insulated Cable Engineers Associations
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
NEMA National Electrical Manufactures Associations
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
ATEX Atmospheres Explosibles
FM Factory Mutual
IP Ingress Protection
UL Underwriters Laboratories
ITC Instrument Tray Cable
PLTC Power Limited Tray Cable
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
XLPE Cross Linked Polyethylene
XLPO Cross Linked Polyolefin
HDP High Density Polyethylene
RTD Resistance Temperature Detector
SWA Still Wire Armored
MICC Mineral Insulation Copper Conductor
PILC Paper Insulation Copper Conductor
FOC Fiber Optical Cable
OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
RTA Request for Technical Approval
MTC Material Test Certificate
Color Code:
AC Supply: Phase Black
                                    Neutral White
                                    Ground Green or Green with yellow tracer
DC Supply: Positive Red
                                    Negative Black
Signal Pair: Positive Black
                                    Negative White
Signal Tried: Positive Black
                                    Negative White
                                    Third Wire Red
Thermocouple: Positive as per ANSI MC 96.1 (Yellow)
                                    Negative as per ANSI MC 96.1 (Red)
Instrumentation Question And Answer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1. What is QA/QC?
Ans: QA/QC means, “Quality Assurance / Quality Control” The purpose of this (QA/QC) is to establish the sequence of requirement for the quality of material, quality of works, its inspection, and records.
2. What is the MMG Quality Control Management System?
Ans: ISO 9001 ~ 2000
3. What is the Quality Control?
Ans: Quality Control “Those activities and techniques used to achieve and maintain the quality of product, process or service”.
4. What is Quality Control Plan?
Ans: Quality Plan “Document Specification which procedures and associated resources shall be applied by whom and when to specific project, product, process or contract”.
5. What is non-conformity?
Ans: Non-conformity “Non-fulfillment of requirement”. (Complete failure of a system, or controls, which result in completely unsatisfactory goods or services being provided).
6. What is the Specification?
Ans: Governing Document Acceptance Criteria.
7. Who are the responsible for Quality?
Ans: Everybody within all organization.
8. What is the basic responsibility of a QA/QC personal?
Ans: To ensure execution of works and comply fully as per standard and approved specs.
9. What is the basic required document for a QA/QC personal?
Ans: The basic required documents for a QA/QC personal are as following.
ITP (Inspection Test Plan): To conduct the quality check (Inspection of Witness, Surveillance and Hold Point) etc.
RFI: To conduct the inspection of completed work.
QR (Quality Record): To maintain the quality records of completed works etc.
NCR: To issue warning in case of serious violation of standard.
WP (Work Procedure): Standard procedure to execute the works.
P & ID: As a reference to ensure that the work is as per standard drawing.
MTC: To ensure that material comply the PES standard specs.
Calibration Report: To ensure parameters are function checked as per IDS.
PP (Project Plan): To ensure that the instruments are installation as per P & ID and PP as per convenience.
Hook-up: To ensure that the remote connection of pneumatic is done correctly.
Wiring Diagrams: To ensure that wiring is done correctly
ILD: To ensure that the sequential wiring is done correctly.
IDS/ISS: To ensure that the instruments comply with the basic requirement.
QCO: To issue a warning in case of little violation and observation.
DR: Discrepancy Report.
10. What are QA/QC’s ITP and QCP? Give brief?
Ans: ITP: This procedure informs about the kinds of quality check (surveillance, inspection, witness or hold pints) means quality of works is being done in proper sequences.
QCP: This procedure addresses the activities and requirement in details

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