Part-2 QC Notes Electrical Inspector :: ARAMCO CBT

QC Notes Electrical Inspector  Part-2 

Q41. Definition of NEC 400? 

Answer : flexible cord ansd cable

Q42. Clearance between cable trays in Substation? 

Answer : 2.67 meters

Q43. What kind of oil used in power transformer? Mineral insulating oil 

Answer : Mineral insulating oil 

Q44. What is Article 314? Outlet Device Pull and junction Boxes Conduit Bodies 

Answer : Outlet Device Pull and junction Boxes Conduit Bodies 

Q45. What is the material of drain and breather? Type 300 series stainless steel breather 

Answer : Type 300 series stainless steel breather

Q46. What is the Percentage fill of conduit for more than 2 cables? 40 % 

Answer : 0.4

Q47. Types of cathodic protection?

Answer : sacrificial anod system and impressed currentsystem

Q48. Substation building wall minimum fire rating.

Answer : 2 hours

Q49. Difference between battery cell installations. 

Answer : 10mm

Q50. Which NEC article statues grounding procedure

Answer : Article 250

Q51. RMC, PVC, IMC and HDPE are suitable for corrosive area when written 

Answer : NEC 680

Q52. What is the space between strim drill resistance and anode resistance?

Answer :

Q53. Anode test pin?

Q54. RMC conduit support distance?

Answer : 900mm

Q55. Hospital and alternative electrical power source shall provide supply to essential services at the same site. 


Q56. For field modification of cable tray bonding jumper will only be installed when cable tray is used as equipment grounding conductor? 

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Q57. Cable Tray Installation Guidelines 

Answer : NEMA VE-2

Q58. What is Top Level of Water spillage?

Answer :  see ebooks

Q59. What is the minimum Conduit size in SA Facilities?

Answer : 3/4″

Q60. Conduit fill percentage for  more than 3 conductors 

Answer : 0.4

Q61. The               System for the cop’s loads shall be separate from the building management  s/m. No single point failure shall be able to disable the_________s/m.

Answer : fire alarm and protectio system

Q62. Only secondary selective switchgear shall be used to

Answer : feed critical load

Q63. What is the meaning of over current?

Answer : over load 

Q64. Circuit directory related one question?

Answer : schedle of load

Q65. Conduit Seals, Class I, Division 1. In Class I, Division 1 locations, conduit seals shall be located?

Answer : 0

Q66. Cathode design and approval?

Answer : CSD

Q67. Secondary-Selective: A switchgear assembly consisting of two buses connected with( bus tie breaker) Critical Loads: Are loads: 

A): where a single contingency failure could cause a loss of power which would create an immediate hazard to human life.

b) Security systems. 

c) Which cannot be shut-down for a minimum of five consecutive days? (annually)

Answer : all

Q68. 14 AWG control wire torque value. Conductor. 


Torque Requirements

Control circuit devices with screw type pressure terminals used with 14 AWG or smaller copper conductors shall be torqued to a minimum 

Answer : 0.8 N•m (7 lb-in.) 

Q69. Where is mentioned conduit filling percentage.(CHAPTER9 TABLE-1)

Answer : (CHAPTER9 TABLE-1)

Q70. Aluminum conduit shall be provided with approved supplementary corrosion protection 

where encased in concrete or in direct contact with the earth(TRUE/FALSE

Answer : FALSE

Q71. Fire control wire shall be protected by?  695.14 

Electric Fire Pump Control Wiring Methods. All electric motor–driven fire pump control wiring shall be in rigid metal conduit

intermediate metal conduit, liquid tight flexible metal conduit, electrical metallic tubing, and liquid tight flexible nonmetallic conduit.

Answer : TRUE

Q72. Service Conductor with the Higher Voltage to Ground. On a 4-wire, delta-connected service where the midpoint of one phase winding is grounded, 

the service conductor having the higher phase voltage to ground shall be durably and permanently marked by an outer finish that is orange in color,TRUE/FALSE

Answer : TRUE

Q73. Lamp holder for Incandescent lamp shall be marked to indicate the maximum allowable. VOLTAGE, WATTAGE, HZ, LUMENS.


Q74. Rod, pipe, and plate electrodes shall be free from nonconductive coatings such as paint or enamel. OR shall be       .welded, identified, listed, terminated.

Answer : welded, identified, listed, terminated

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Q75. Test pin?

Answer :

Q76. Annex attachment D example modification and written authority to?

Answer :

Q77. Spray paint area below are permitted ?

I. Spray paint area barricades avoid to accident and fire

II. Ground all equipment in spray paint area.

III. Shall not permitted Qualified person.

• True  or False

Answer :

Q78. When bends and fabrication are made in cable trays, Electrical continuity of the cable tray shall be maintained only if the cable tray is used as equipment grounding condutor ?        

True or False

Answer : FALSE

Q79. Grounding cable depth?

Answer : 460

Q80. MC cable can be used As a single conductor?

Answer : yes

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