HVAC Lecture Notes Sizing And Design Principles – Free PDF

HVAC Lecture Notes On Sizing And Design Principles – Free PDF


Identify code requirements regarding sizing, design, and selection of HVAC equipment and ducts

Explain how the ACCA Manual J, S and D load calculation standards are used to determine appropriate sizing and design of ducts and HVAC equipment


Describe the role the HVAC system plays in moisture control and the effect excessive moisture has on building durability and occupant comfort and health.

HVAC Lecture Notes On Sizing And Design Principles – Free PDF

Define sensible and latent heat:

Review a completed load calculation printout for common errors and intentional inputs of incorrect data and identify examples of such errors

Compare installed HVAC and duct systems to outputs of Manual J, S, and D to verify proper sizing and design

Describe the consequences of improperly sized HVAC systems.

Content :


2.The systems approach.

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3.HVAC Overview.

4.How HVAC systems are sized & selected.


6.Practical applications.


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