Engineering Procedure SAEP-3103

Equipment and Spare Parts Data Requirements
for Proponent/MRO Originated Requisitions

1 Scope
This procedure details the requirements for the acquisition of technical and catalog data for equipment, spare parts and operating materials, commonly referred to as a Spare Parts Data Package (SPDP), for all new equipment purchased by Proponents/MRO Organizations in the execution of projects.
2 Applicable Documents
The requirements contained in the following documents apply to the extent specified in this procedure:
Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedure
SAEP-31 Corporate Equipment and Spare Parts Data Requirements
 Saudi Aramco Forms
SA-1895 Transfer of Materials, Merchandise, Supplies
 Supply Chain Management Manual
CU 25.01 Authorities
3 Purpose
The purpose of this procedure is to outline the roles and responsibilities of all organizations involved in the cataloging data acquisition process, and to provide instructions for Proponents/MRO Organizations to ensure that complete and acceptable SPDPs are submitted in accordance with stipulated submittal schedule so that spare parts and operating materials are available when the new equipment is put into service.

4 Responsibilities – Proponents/MRO Organizations
4.1 Ensure that all Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and purchase orders, including Supplier sub-orders, contain:
4.1.1 Instructions to Suppliers for Providing Spare Parts and Operating Materials Data for New Equipment Purchased for or by Saudi Aramco (see Appendix C).
4.1.2 SPDP checklists applicable to Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation equipment that are being purchased (see Appendix D – Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation).
4.2 Identify parent equipment that will require SPDP.
4.3 Indicate in SPDP the details of similar equipment previously supplied to Saudi Aramco to help accelerating cataloging process.
4.4 Submit complete SPDPs in accordance with Appendices C & D to Materials & Services Standardization Division (M&SSD) and ensure that all submittals:
 Include a transmittal letter with appropriate approval signatures in accordance with Section 3 (Cataloging New Material Master Items) of Supply Chain Management Manual, CU 25.01 “Authorities.”
 Include electronic in PDF format and hardcopy back-up documentation, to verify the accuracy and completeness of submitted equipment information.

4.5 Additional responsibilities for BI-1900 projects are summarized below.
4.5.1 Designate a Spare Parts Coordinator (SPC) to coordinate with M&SSD on all matters pertaining to spare parts, specifically dedicated to the spare parts acquisition effort.
4.5.2 Prepare a Spare Parts Plan (SPP) and provide M&SSD with equipment list. The SPC will prepare the SPP and it must include the following: Scope Key definitions Responsibilities Spare parts instructions to be issued to suppliers during bidding and in PO’s Procurement of capital spares, start-up spares and operating materials Identification of equipment requiring SPDPs A SPDP submittal forecast A description of the project specific process for SPDP status tracking, expediting, review, correction of deficiencies and final approval Procedures for progress and status reporting, including sample reports Presentation of spare parts requirements in supplier bid-explanation and pre-award meetings Technical review and approval of each Spare Parts Data Package (SPDP) by the Contractor’s associated engineering disciplines Procedures for resolving SPDP deficiencies and noncompliance by suppliers
4.5.3 Ensure pre-award meetings cover all spare parts requirements in detail, emphasizing the importance of achieving SPDP submittal dates and providing complete SPDP.
4.5.4 Produce a monthly Spare Parts Data Package Status Report (SPDPSR). Refer to Appendix B for the required format.
4.5.5 Ensure that all submittals are in accordance with the planned SPDP submittal schedule.
4.6 Coordinate with M&SSD to arrange for SPDP kickoff meetings with suppliers. Obtain from M&SSD all necessary data, instructions how to assemble SPDP, and other information needed to comply with this procedure.
4.7 Ensure that all requisition originators are trained on all pertinent aspects of the Company’s spare parts requirements.
4.8 Review the Supplier SPDP submittals for accuracy, format, and completeness. Promptly resolve deficiencies prior to sending the SPDP to M&SSD.
4.9 Submit the SPDP to M&SSD with covering transmittal letter advising approval of cataloging of the spare parts and operation materials.
4.10 Obtain all data requested by M&SSD to promptly resolve any deficiencies within 30 calendar days after receipt of notice from M&SSD.
4.11 Review Supplier recommended capital and long lead-time spares and initiate purchase order changes for any additional spares.
4.12 Contact Storehouse Operations, if equipment is selected from D/C Surplus, to obtain existing equipment and spare parts information. Consult with Buyer, if insufficient data exists, to initiate inquiries with the manufacturer.
4.13 Notify M&SSD immediately if an equipment PO is canceled.
4.14 Notify M&SSD if equipment is transferred to D/C Surplus, and ensure the SPDP is provided to Storehouse Operations.
4.15 Annotate the transfer form (SA-1895), if equipment is transferred between Saudi Aramco Proponents/MRO organizations, with one of the following statements:
 “The Supplier has provided Saudi Aramco with the required SPDP,” or
 “The SPDP for this equipment has not yet been received. It is scheduled to be submitted to M&SSD by (date).”
4.16 Initiate SAP MDM cataloging requests for M&SSD review and approval.
5 Responsibilities – Materials & Services Standardization Division (M&SSD)
The responsibilities of M&SSD are summarized but not limited to the following:
5.1 Conduct a detailed review of the SPDPs, within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt, from Proponents/MRO organizations and forward the SPDP review sheet comments to the Proponents/MRO organizations. The review sheet should provide specific comments on SPDP deficiencies.
5.2 Review the Monthly SPDPSR (Appendix B), for completeness and accuracy. Determine which items will require SPDPs. Send comments, if any, to the Proponent/MRO organizations.
5.3 Catalog the spare parts and operating materials data and upload them in SAP/R3.
5.4 Ensure that all items cataloged are extended to the appropriate Material Service Center and the Customer Plant.
5.5 Review and approve SAP MDM cataloging requests originated from proponents/MRO organizations.
6 Exemptions
Equipment already covered under an existing Maintenance Services Contract where the Contractor is responsible for supplying spare parts.

Revision Summary
31 March 2014 Revised the Next Planned Update, reaffirmed the content of the document, and reissued as major revision.
AppendicesAppendicesAppendicesAppendices AppendicesAppendicesAppendices:
A. Glossary of Terms
B. Spare Parts Data Package Status Report (SPDPSR) Required Format
C. Instructions to Suppliers for Providing Spare Parts and Operating Materials Data for New Equipment Purchased for, or by Saudi Aramco
D. Spare Parts Data Package (SPDP) Checklists

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