Instrumentation Engineering CBT Online Free Mock Test-1

Instrumentation Engineering CBT Online Free Mock Test-1

Number of Questions – 30

Notes : The Quiz makes In multiple-choice quiz, there is a timer for 50 seconds/question.When 10 seconds is left, automatically the timer is red in color.finally, when the time is end,the correct answer is automatically shown.

Example : 

  1. The power factor of a single phase load can be calculated if the instruments available are ……….
  2. In a single phase power factor meter the phase difference between the currents in the two pressure coils is……….
  3. For measurements on high voltage capacitors, the suitable bridge is ……….
  4. To measure a resistance with the help of a potentiometer it is
  5. The operating voltage of a Meggar is about
  6. An ohmmeter is a
  7. A dynamometer wattmeter can be used for
  8. The disc of an instrument using eddy current damping should be of
  9. The use of ________ instruments is merely confined within laboratories as standardizing instruments.
  10. An instrument transformer is used to extend the range of
  11. The spring material used in a spring control device should have the following property.
  12. For handling greater currents induction watt-meters are used in conjunction with
  13. The chemical effect of current is used in
  14. The multiplier and the meter coil in a voltmeter are in
  15. The pressure coil of a wattmeter should be connected on the supply side of the current coil when

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