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1.         For 8” ND Sch 40  and  8” ND Sch 80  pipes,

a.         OD for both pipes will be same

b.         IDs and ODs  for both pipes will be different

c.         Average pipe diameters for both  will be same

d.         ID for both pipes will be same

2.     Hot tapping is best described by statement:

a.         It is technique of heating the pipe to specified temperature and gently tapping with 1 lb.  rounded hammer to detect thinning of pipe wall

b.         It is technique of providing a tapping connection while pipe system is in operation

c.         It is technique of fixing a water tap on hot water lines for use during winter

d.         It is act of using the tap and die for threading the pipe  when the pipe is hot

3.       Which of the following defines the term hold point?

a.         The point at which a pipe hanger is attached to a pipe. 

b.         A point at which a U-clamp is fixed on the pipe.

c.         A point at  pipe beyond which work may not proceed until inspections have been performed and documented

d.         A trunnion, or sliding shoe used for piping support systems

4.         Which of the following statements is true?

a.         Flange rating indicates flange diameter.

b.         Other factors remaining same, ERW pipes can withstand higher pressure than seamless pipes.

c.         Deadlegs means pipes with broken supports.

d.         API 570 is applicable for metallic pipes only.

 5.        Post weld heat treatment is carried out

a.         To increase Hardness

b.         To increase Tensile strength

c.         To release locked-up stresses in the weld

d.         None of above.

6.        What section of the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code is the                     basic document for welding procedure qualification?

a.         Section III

b.         Section VIII

c.         Section IX

d.         ASME Section II C

7.    What can be caused to ferrous metals by the low operating temperatures?

a.         Increase of  ductility

b.         Loss of ductility and toughness

c.         Increase in plasticity or deformation

d.         Decrease in yield strength

 8.        API 570 is intended to apply to:

a.         New piping in the chemical Industry

b.         Piping that has been placed in service

c.         New piping in the Petroleum Refinery

d.         New piping in the Paper Industry

9.         If a welder is to be qualified in all positions he must pass test in           which positions?

a.         1G, 2G, 3G and 4G

b.         5G and 4G

c.         6G 

d.         5G and 4G

10.       ASTM A 106 Gr B pipes belong to which type?

a.         Seamless only

b.         ERW only

c.         Seamless or ERW depending on type of Grade

d.         None of above

11.    Choose correct statement.

a.         “REPAIR”  of piping means change of original Design conditions

b.         “ALTERATION”  of piping means change of original Design conditions

c.         Both are one and same

d.         Repair is temporary, alteration is permanent

12.     ANSI/ ASME B 31.3 code is meant for:

a.         Steam piping in Power stations

b.         Piping in Refinery and process plants

c.         Cross-country piping

d.         Gas transmission piping

13.   The term “NPS 10 pipe” means:

a.         A pipe with National Pressure Standard of 10 bar

b.         A pipe whose minimum thickness is 10 mm

c.         A pipe whose outside diameter is 10″

d.         A pipe whose Nominal diameter is 10″

14.       Most of the fluids normally covered by B 31.3 code fall under what category?

a.         Category M

b.         Category K

c.         Category D

d.         Normal

15.       The requirements of the latest edition of ASME Code   Section B 31.3 and any subsequent Addenda become effective:

a.         As soon as the latest edition is issued

b.         Immediately from date of issue and all piping installed per earlier editions must be upgraded to latest edition/addenda

c.         After 6 months from date of issue

d.         After 1 year from date of issue

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