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Electrical QC Inspector MCQ’s Online Free Mock Test-5

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Mock Test-5

Number of Questions – 30

Notes : The Quiz makes In multiple-choice quiz, there is a timer for 50 seconds/question.When 10 seconds is left, automatically the timer is red in color.finally, when the time is end,the correct answer is automatically shown.


Example Questions: 

  1. In industrial lighting, poles used in process areas shall be________
  2. Minimum maintained luminance level of Process Interfaced Buildings
  3. What is the meaning of VT
  4. Transfer switches shall only be used in low voltage applications 
  5. Minimum modulus of elasticity for PVC Direct Buried Conduit Type DB120
  6. For transformer protection system, what is the meaning of 50/51G
  7. For duct banks, the spacers shall provide a minimum conduit separation of ____ for 2 inch conduits and larger
  8. What is the meaning of VT
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