Oil and Gas Industry Quiz

How much do you know about oil and gas? Test your knowledge with our oil and gas industry quiz. Answers are multiple choice. Take a sheet of paper and write down your answers. When you have finished answering all the trivia questions, just Like, Share, or Tweet the post below and it will unlock the quiz answers. Have fun and tell your industry friends about the quiz too.

1. Fill in the blank:  ___________ is steel pipe that screws together and is lowered into the hole after drilling is complete. It is used to seal off fluids and keeps the hole from caving in.
a. Flow Line
b. Surface Pipe
c. Casing
d. Tubing
2. On January 10, 1901, a gusher erupted in an oil well being drilled near Beaumont, Texas by mining engineer, Captain A. F. Lucas. This gusher spewed oil for nine days before it was brought under control. What was the name of the hill where this well was located?
a. Hill 937
b. Bakken
c. Spindletop
d. Eagle Ford
3. Who is the oil well firefighter made famous in the 1968 film Hellfighters starring John Wayne?
a. Red Buttons
b. “Boots” Hansen
c. “Coots” Matthews
d. Red Adair
4. What is the name of the equipment pictured to the right?
a. Blowout Preventer
b. Gate Valve
c. Containment Dike
d. Flow Line
5. What is the name of the formation that occupies approximately 200,000 square miles of the subsurface of the Williston Basin and is beneath parts of Montana, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba?
a. Big Valley
b. Bakken
c. Spearfish
d. Torquay
6. What is the dominant component of natural gas?
a. Oxygen
b. Hydrogen
c. Methane
d. Nitrogen
7. What is the size of a standard barrel of oil in gallons?
a. 55
b. 42
c. 159
d. 26
8. Which country is NOT currently a member of OPEC?
a. Saudi Arabia
b. Angola
c. Nigeria
d. Brazil
9. What country was the top oil producing country in 2015?
a. Saudi Arabia
b. Russia
c. United States
d. China
10. About how many gallons of gasoline are produced from one barrel of crude oil?
a. 55
b. 19
c. 42
d. 5
11. What is the top oil-producing state in the United States as of 2016?
a. Alaska
b. North Dakota
c. Oklahoma
d. Texas
12. As of February 2016, which state in the United States had the highest effective gasoline tax?
a. California
b. Hawaii
c. New York
d. Pennsylvania
13. What is the date that drilling begins on a well known as?
a. Start Date
b. Spud Date
c. Drill Date
d. Cap Date
14. What is a well drilled in an area without previous oil or gas production known as?
a. Wildcat
b. Tomcat
c. Newbie
d. Offset Well
15. What state in the United States has the most operating oil refineries as of 2015?
a. Louisiana
b. Texas
c. North Dakota
d. California

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