Download Smoke and Ventilation Calculation Spreadsheet Free xls

Download calculation sheets for smoke extraction and ventilation. Ventilation means the insertion of clean air into a specific space. Having clean air is very important for humans to breath in closed spaces.

To obtain fresh and clean air calculating the ventilation rate will help.

with the Excel sheets below you will be able to obtain the ventilation flow rate for different spaces such as:

  • Transformer Room Ventilation
  • Generator Room Ventilation
  • LT & HT Panels Room ( high tension & low tension panels room)
  • Car Park Ventilation
  • Atrium
Smoke and Ventilation Calculation
Smoke and Ventilation Calculation

Smoke and Ventilation Calculation Excel sheets:

  • Smoke & Ventilation Calculations Download

With these free excel programs you can calculate the ventilation fan CFM and motor power in addition to smoke fan air flow and motor specifications.

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