101. She reads about Path Goal theory. Which of the following behaviours is manifested by the leader who uses this theory?

a. Recognizes staff for going beyond expectations by giving them

citations b. Challenges the staff to take individual accountability for their

own practice

c. Admonishes staff for being laggards.

d. Reminds staff about the sanctions for non performance.

102. Which nursing delivery model is based on a production and efficiency model and stresses a task-oriented approach?

1) Case management

2) Primary nursing

3) Differentiated practice

4) Functional method

103. The contingency theory of management moves the manager away from which of the following approaches?

1) No perfect solution

2) One size fits all

3) Interaction of the system with the environment

4) A method or combination of methods that will be most effective in a

given situation

104. Which of the major theories of aging suggests that older adults may decelerate the aging process?

1) Disengagement theory

2) Activity theory

3) Immunology theory

4) Genetic theory

105. What is the most important issue confronting nurse managers using situational leadership?

a) Leaders can choose one of the four leadership styles when faced with a new situation.

b) Personality traits and leader’s power base influence the leader’s choice of style

c) Value is placed on the accomplished of tasks and on interpersonal relationships between leader and group members and among group members

d) Leadership style differs for a group whose members are at different levels of maturity

106. The nursing staff communicates that the new manager has a focus on the “bottom line,” and little concern for the quality of care. What is likely true of this nurse manager?

a) The manager is unwilling to listen to staff concerns unless they have an impact on costs.

b) The manager understands the organization’s values and how they mesh with the manger’s values.

c) The manager is communicating the importance of a caring environment.

d) The manager is looking at the total care picture

107. An example of a positive outcome of a nurse-health team relationship would be:

a) Receiving encouragement and support from co-workers to cope with the many stressors of the nursing role

b) Becoming an effective change agent in the community

c) An increased understanding of the family dynamics that affect the client

d) An increased understanding of what the client perceives as meaningful from his or her perspective

108. The characteristic of an effective leader includes:

a) attention to detail

b) sound problem-solving skills and strong people skills

c) emphasis on consistent job performance

d) all of the above

109. The following are qualities of a good leader, except:

a) Shows empathy to members

b) His behaviour contributes to the team

c) Acknowledges and accepts members mistakes – without any corrections

d) Does not accept criticisms from members

110. A nurse manger achieves a higher management position in the organisation, there is a need for what type of skills?

a) Personal and communication skills

b) Communication and technical skills

c) Conceptual and interpersonal skills

d) Visionary and interpersonal skills

111. The famous 14 Principles of Management was first defined by

a) James Watt

b) Adam Smith

c) Henri Fayol

d) Elton Mayo

112. You are a new and inexperienced staff, which of the following actions will you do during your first day on the clinical area?

a) Acknowledge your limitations, seek supervision from your team leader

b) volunteer to do the drug rounds

c) help in admitting the patients

d) answer all enquiries from the patients

113. A patient has sexual interest in you. What would you do?

a) Just avoid it, because the problem can be the manifestation of the underlying disorder, and it will be resolved by its own as he recovers

b) Never attend that patient

c) Try to re-establish the therapeutic communication and relationship with patient and inform the manager for support

d) Inform police

114. One of your young patient displayed an overt sexual behaviour directly to you. How will you best respond to this?

a) Talk to the patient about the situation, to re- establish and maintain professional boundaries and relationship

b) ignore the behaviour as this is part of the development process

c) report the patient to their relatives

d) inform line manager of the incident

115. A nurse from Medical-surgical unit asked to work on the orthopedic unit. The medical-surgical nurse has no orthopedic nursing experience. Which client should be assigned to the medical-surgical nurse?

a) A client with a cast for a fractured femur & who has numbness & discoloration of the toes

b) A client with balanced skeletal traction & who needs assistance with morning care

c) A client who had an above-the-knee amputation yesterday & has a temperature of 101.4F

d) A client who had a total hip replacement 2 days ago & needs blood glucose monitoring

116. An RN from the women’s health clinic is temporarily reassigned to a medical-surgical unit. Which of these client assignments would be most appropriate for this nurse?

a) A newly diagnosed client with type 2 diabetes mellitus who is learning foot care

b) A client from a motor vehicle accident with an external fixation device on the leg

c) A client admitted for a barium swallow after a transient ischemic attack

d) A newly admitted client with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

117. The nurse suspects that a client is withholding health-related information out of fear of discovery and possible legal problems. The nurse formulates nursing diagnoses for the client carefully, being concerned about a diagnostic error resulting from which of the following?

a) Incomplete data

b) Generalize from experience

c) Identifying with the client

d) Lack of clinical experience

118. A nurse case manager receives a referral to provide case management services for an adolescent mother who was recently diagnosed with HIV. Which statement indicates that the patient understands her illness?

a) “I can never have sex again, so I guess I will always be a single parent.”

b) b) “I will wear gloves when I’m caring for my baby, because I could infect my baby with AIDS.”

c) “My CD4 count is 200 and my T cells are less than 14%. I need to stay at these levels by eating and sleeping well and staying healthy.”

d) “My CD4 count is 800 and my T cells are greater than 14%. I need to stay at these levels by eating and sleeping well and staying healthy.”

119. A young woman who has tested positive for HIV tells her nurse that she has had many sexual partners. She has been on an oral contraceptive & frequently had not requested that her partners use condoms. She denies IV drug use she tells her nurse that she believes that she will die soon. What would be the best response for the nurse to make.

a) “Where there is life there is hope”

b) “ Would you like to talk to the nurse who works with HIV- positive patient’s ?”

c) “ you are a long way from dying”

d) “ not everyone who is HIV positive will develop AIDS & die”

120. A client express concern regarding the confidentiality of her medical information. The nurse assures the client that the nurse maintains client confidentiality by:

a) Explaining the exact limits of confidentiality in the exchanges between the client and the nurse.

b) Limiting discussion about clients to the group room and hallways.

c) Summarizing the information, the client provides during assessments and documenting this summary in the chart.

d) Sharing the information with all members of the healthcare team

121. The nurse can divulge patient’s information, only when:

a) it can pose as a threat to the public and when it is ordered by the court

b) requested by family members

c) asked by media personnel for broadcast and publication

d) required by employer

122. You noticed medical equipment not working while you joined a new team and the team members are not using it. Your role?

a) during audit raise your concern

b) inform in written to management

c) inform NMC

e) take photograph

123. When developing a program offering for patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes, a nurse case manager demonstrates an understanding of learning styles by:

a) Administering a pre- and post-test assessment.

b) Allowing patient’s time to voice their opinions

c) Providing a snack with a low glycaemic index.

d) Utilizing a variety of educational materials.

124. An adult has signed the consent form for a research study but has changed her mind. The nurse tells the patient that she

has the right to change her mind based upon which of the following principles.

a) Paternalism & justice

b) Autonomy & informed consent

c) Beneficence & double effect

d) Competence & right to know

125. A famous actress has had plastic surgery. The media contacts the nurse on the unit and asks for information about the surgery. The nurse knows:

a) Any information released will bring publicity to the hospital

b) Nurse are obligated to respect client’s privacy and confidentiality

c) It does not matter what is disclosed, the media will find out any way

d) According to beneficence, the nurse has an obligation to implement actions that will benefit clients.

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126. When will you disclose the identity of a patient under your care?

a) You can disclose it anytime you want

b) When a patient relative wishes to

c) When media demands for it

d) Justified by public interest law and order

127. Today many individuals are seeking answers for acute and chronic health problems through non-traditional approaches to health care. What are two popular choices being selected by health consumers?

a) Mind awareness techniques and meditation practice

b) Stress management and biofeedback programs

c) Support groups and alternative medicine

d) Telehealth and the internet

128. Which of the following actions jeopardise the professional boundaries between patient and nurse

a) Focusing on social relationship outside working environment

b) Focusing on needs of patient related to illness

c) Focusing on withholding value opinions related to the decisions

129. One of the main responsibilities of an employer should be:

a) provide a safe place for the employees

b) provide entertainment to employees

c) create opportunities for growth

d) create ways to make networks

130. Mrs X informs the nurse that she has lost her job due to excessive absences related to her wound. (2 correct answers) The nurse should:

a. Encourage the patient to express her feelings about the job loss

b. Contact social services to assist the patient with accessing available resources

c. Evaluate Mrs X’s understanding of her wound management

d. Explain to Mrs X that she can no longer be seen at the clinic without a job

131. Role conflict can occur in any situation in which individuals work together. The predominant reason that role conflict will emerge in collaboration is that people have different

a) Levels of education and preparation

b) Expectations about a particular role; interpersonal conflict will emerge

c) Levels of experience and exposure of working in interdisciplinary teams

d) Values, beliefs, and work experiences that influences their ability to collaborate.

132. How to give respect & dignity to the client?

a) Compassion, support & reassurance to the client

b) Communicate effectively with them

c) Behaving in a professional manner

d) Giving advice on health care issues

133. A patient with antisocial personality disorder enters the private meeting room of a nursing unit as a nurse is meeting with a different patient. Which of the following statements by the nurse is BEST?

a) Please leave and I will speak with you when I am done.”

b) I need you to leave us alone.”

c) You may sit with us as long as you are quiet.”

d) I’m sorry, but HIPPA says that you can’t be here. Do you mind leaving?”

134. A client on your medical surgical unit has a cousin who is physician & wants to see the chart. Which of the following is the best response for the nurse to take

a) Ask the client to sign an authorization & have someone review the chart with cousin

b) Hand the cousin the client chart to review

c) Call the attending physician & have the doctor speak with the cousin

d) Tell the cousin that the request cannot be granted

135. As an RN in charge you are worried about a nurse’s act of being very active on social media site, that it affects the professionalism. Which one of these is the worst advice you can give her?

a) Do not reveal your profession of being a Nurse on social site

b) Do not post any pictures of client’s even if they have given you permission

c) Do not involve in any conversions with client’s or their relatives through a social site

d) Keep your profile private

136. Compassion in Practice – the culture of compassionate care encompasses:

a) Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment – DoH–“Compassion in Practice”

b) Care, Compassion, Competence

c) Competence, Communication, Courage

d) Care, Courage, Commitment

137. You walk onto one of the bay on your ward and noticed a colleague wrongly using a hoist in transferring their patient. As a nurse you will:

a) let them continue with their work as you are not in charge of that bay

b) report the event to the unit manager

c) call the manual handling specialist nurse for training

d) inform the relatives of the mistake

138. You are to take charge of the next shift of nurses. Few minutes before your shift, the in charge of the current shift informed you that two of your nurses will be absent. Since there is a shortage of staff in your shift, what will you do?

a) encourage all the staff who are present to do their best to attend to the needs of the patients

b) ask from your manager if there are qualified staff from the previous shift that can cover the lacking number for your shift while you try to replace new nurses to cover

c) refuse to take charge of the next shift

139. Who will you inform first if there is a shortage in supplies in your shift?

a) Nursing assistant

b) Purchasing personnel

c) Immediate nurse manager

d) Supplier

140. The supervisor reprimands the charge nurse because the nurse has not adhered to the budget. Later the charge nurse accuses the nursing staff of wasting supplies. This is an example of

a) Denial

b) Repression

c) Suppression

d) Displacement

141. A nurse is having trouble with doing care plans. Her team members are already noticing this problem and are worried of the consequences this may bring to the quality of nursing care delivered. The problem is already brought to the attention of the nurse. The nurse should:

a) Accept her weakness and take this challenge as an opportunity to improve her skills by requesting lectures from her manager

b) Ignore the criticism as this is a case of a team issue

c) Continue delivering care as this will not affect the quality of care you are rendering your patient

142. Clinical audit is best described as:

a) a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and to know what needs to be improved

b) a tool used to identify the weakest link within the system

c) a standard of which performance is based upon

d) a tool to set a guidelines or protocol in clinical practice

143. You are the nurse on Ward C with 14 patients. Your fellow incoming nurses called in sick and cannot come to work on your shift. What will be your best action on this situation?

a) Review patient intervention, set priorities, ask the supervisor to hand over extra staff

b) continue with your shift and delegate some responsibilities to the nursing assistant

c) fill out an incident form about the staffing condition

d) ask the colleague to look for someone to cover

144. A client requests you that he wants to go home against medical advice, what should you do?

a) Inform the management

b) Inform the local police

c) Call the security guard

d) Allow the client to go home as he won’t pose any threat to self or others

145. The nurse is leading an in service about management issues. The nurse would intervene if another nurse made which of the following statements?

a) “It is my responsibility to ensure that the consent form has been signed and attached to the patient’s chart prior to surgery.”

b) “It is my responsibility to witness the signature of the client before surgery is performed.

c) “It is my responsibility to answer questions that the patient may have prior to surgery.”

d) “It is my responsibility to provide a detailed description of the surgery and ask the patient to sign the consent form.”

146. A patient in your care knocks their head on the bedside locker when reaching down to pick up something they have dropped. What do you do?

a) Let the patient’s relatives know so that they don’t make a complaint & write an incident report for yourself so you remember the details

in case there are problems in the future

b) Help the patient to a safe comfortable position, commence neurological observations & ask the patient’s doctor to come & review

them, checking the injury isn’t serious. when this has taken place , write up what happened & any future care in the nursing notes

c) Discuss the incident with the nurse in charge , & contact your union representative in case you get into trouble

d) Help the patient to a safe comfortable position, take a set of observations & report the incident to the nurse in charge who may call a

doctor. Complete an incident form. At an appropriate time, discuss the incident with the patient & if they wish, their relatives

147. The rehabilitation nurse wishes to make the following entry into a client’s plan of care: “Client will re-establish a pattern of daily bowel movements without straining within two months.” The nurse would write this statement under which section of the plan of care?

a) Nursing diagnosis/problem list

b) Nursing order

c) Short-term goals

d) Long term goals

148. A registered nurse identifies a care assistant not washing hands hand before caring an immunocompromised client. Your response?

a) Let her do the procedure. Correct her later

b) Inform to ward in charge

c) Interrupt the procedure, correct her politely, teach her 6 steps of handwashing and make sure she became competent

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149. The bystander of a muslim lady wishes that a lady doctor only should check the patient. Best response

a) Just neglect the request

b) Tell her that, only male doctor is available and he is takin care of many female staffs daily

c) Respect the request, if possible arrange the consultation with a female doc

d) Inform police

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150. Bystander informs you that the patient is in severe pain. Ur response

a) Tell him that he would come as soon as possible

b) Record in the chart and inform doc and in charge

c) Tell that she would give the next dose of analgesic when it’s time

d) Go instantly to the patient and assess the condition

151. The nurse restraints a client in a locked room for 3 hours until the client acknowledges who started a fight in the group room last evening. The nurse’s behaviour constitutes:

a) False imprisonment

b) Duty of care

c) Standard of care practice

d) Contract of care

152. What are the characteristics of effective collaboration?

a) Common purpose and goals

b) Clinical competence of each provider

c) Humor, trust, and valuing diverse, complementary knowledge

d) All of the above

153. A client has been voluntarily admitted to the hospital. The nurse knows that which of the following statements is inconsistent with this type of hospitalization?

a) The client retains all of his or her rights

b) the client has a right to leave if not a danger to self or others

c) the client can sign a written request for discharge

d) The client cannot be released without medical advice

154. If you were explaining anxiety to a patient, what would be the main points to include?

a) Signs of anxiety include behaviours such as muscle tension. palpitations, a dry mouth, fast shallow breathing, dizziness & an increased need to urinate or defaecate

b) Anxiety has three aspects: physical – bodily sensations related to flight & fight response, behavioural – such as avoiding the situation, & cognitive (thinking) – such as imagining the worst

c) Anxiety is all in the mind, if they learn to think differently, it will go away

d) Anxiety has three aspects: physical – such as running away, behavioural – such as imagining the worse (catastrophizing) , & cognitive ( thinking) – such as needing to urinate. 155. A 23-year-old-woman comes to the emergency room stating that she had been raped. Which of the following statements BEST describes the nurse’s responsibility concerning written consent?

a) The nurse should explain the procedure to the patient and ask her to sign the consent form.

b) The nurse should verify that the consent form has been signed by the patient and that it is attached to her chart.

c) The nurse should tell the physician that the patient agrees to have the examination.

d) The nurse should verify that the patient or a family member has signed the consent form.

156. A 52-year-old man is admitted to a hospital after sustaining a severe head injury in an automobile accident. When the patient dies, the nurse observes the patient’s wife comforting other family members. Which of the following interpretations of this behaviour is MOST justifiable?

a) She has already moved through the stages of the grieving process.

b) She is repressing anger related to her husband’s death.

c) She is experiencing shock and disbelief related to her husband’s death.

d) She is demonstrating resolution of her husband’s death.

157. The nurse works on a medical/surgical unit that has a shift with an unusually high number of admissions, discharges, and call bells ringing. A nurse’s aide, who looks increasingly flustered and overwhelmed with the workload, finally announces This is impossible! I quit!” and stomps toward the break room. Which of the following statements, if made by the nurse to the nurse’s aide, is BEST?

a) fine, we’re better off without you anyway”

b) It seems to me that you feel frustrated. What can I help you with to care for our patients?”

c) I can understand why you’re upset, but I’m tired too and I’m not quitting.”

d) Why don’t you take a dinner break and come back? It will seem more manageable with a normal blood sugar.

158. The nurse cares for a client diagnosed with conversion reaction. The nurse identifies the client is utilizing which of the following defence mechanisms?

a) Introjection

b) Displacement

c) Identification

d) Repression

159. A young woman has suffered fractured pelvis in an accident , she has been hospitalized for 3 days , when she tells her primary nurse that she has something to tell her but she does not want the nurse to tell anyone. she says that she had tried to donate blood & tested positive for HIV. what is best action of the nurse to take?

a) Document this information on the patient’s chart

b) Tell the patient’s physician

c) Inform the healthcare team who will come in contact with the patient

d) Encourage the patient to disclose this information to her physician

160. The nurse is in the hospitals public cafeteria & hears two nursing assistants talking about the patient in 406. they are using her name & discussing intimate details about her illness which of the following actions are best for the nurse to take?

a) Go over & tell the nursing assistants that their actions are inappropriate especially in a public place

b) Wait & tell the assistants later that they were overheard discussing the patient otherwise they might be embarrassed

c) Tell the nursing assistant’s supervisor about the incident. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to address the issue

d) Say nothing. it is not the nurses job, he or she is not responsible for the assistant’s action

161. One of your patient was pleased with the standard of care you have provided him. As a gesture, he is giving you a £50 voucher to spend. What is your most appropriate action on this situation?

a) Accept the voucher and thank him for this gesture

Refuse the voucher and thank him for this gesture

C. Accept the voucher and give it to ward manager

D. Refuse the voucher and inform the ward manager for his gesture

162. The nurse is functioning as a patient advocate. Which of the following would be the first step the nurse should take when functioning in this role?

a) Ensure that the nursing process is complete and includes active participation by the patient and family

b) Become creative in meeting patient’s needs.

c) Empower the patient by providing needed information and support.

d) Help the patient understand the need for preventive health care.

163. The nurse manager of 20 bed coronary care is not on duty when a staff nurse makes serious medication error. The client who received an over dose of the medication nearly dies. Which statement of the nurse manager reflects accountability?

a) The nurse supervisor on duty will call the nurse manager at home and apprise about the problem

b) Because the nurse manager is not on duty therefore she is not accountable to anything which happens on her absence

c) The nurse manager will be informed of the incident when returning to the work on Monday because the nurse manager was officially

off duty when the incident took place.

d) Although the nurse manager was on off duty but the nurse supervisor decides to call nurse manager if the time permits the

nurse supervisor thinks that the nurse manager has no responsibility of what has happened in manager’s absence

164. All individuals providing nursing care must be competent at which of the following procedures?

a) Hand hygiene and aseptic technique

b) Aseptic technique only

c) Hand hygiene, use of protective equipment, and disposal of waste

d) Disposal of waste and use of protective equipment

e) All of the above

165. Clinical bench-marking is:

a) to improve standards in health care

b) a new initiate in health care system

c) A new set of rule for health care professionals

d) To provide a holistic approach to the patient

166. What do you mean by benchmarking tool?

a) an overall patient-focused outcome that expresses what patients and or carers want from care in a particular area of practice

b) it is the way of expressing the need of the patient

c) a continuum between poor and best practice.

d) information on how to use the benchmarks

167. Essence of Care benchmarking is a process of ——-?

a) Comparing, sharing and developing practice in order to achieve and sustain best practice.

b) Assess clinical area against best practice

c) Review achievement towards best practice

d) Consultation and patient involvement

168. Wendy, 18 years old, was admitted on Medical Ward because of recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI). She disclosed to you that she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend on some occasions. You are worried this may be a possible cause of the infection. How will best handle the situation?

a) tell her that any information related to her wellbeing will need to be share to the health care team

b) inform her parents about this so she can be advised appropriately

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c) keep the information a secret in view of confidentiality

d) report her boyfriend to social services

169. When trying to make a responsible ethical decision, what should the nurse understand as the basis for ethical reasoning?

a) Ethical principles & code

b) The nurse’s experience

c) The nurse’s emotional feelings

d) The policies & practices of the institution

170. A mentally competent client with end stage liver disease continues to consume alcohol after being informed of the consequences of this action. What action best illustrates the nurse’s role as a client advocate?

a) Asking the spouse to take all the alcohol out of the house

b) Accepting the patient’s choice & not intervening

c) Reminding the client that the action may be an end-of life decision

d) Refusing to care for the client because of the client’s noncompliance

171. when breaking bad news over phone which of the following statement is appropriate

a) I am sorry to tell you that your mother died

b) I am sorry to tell you that your mother has gone to heaven

c) I am sorry to tell you that your mother is no more

d) I am sorry to tell you that your mother passed away

172. A patient with complex, multiple diseases is discharged to a tertiary level care unit what to do?

a) Inform the tertiary unit about patient arrival

b) Call for a multidisciplinary meeting with professional who took care of patient to discuss the patient care modalities that everyone


c) Inform to patient relatives about the situation

173. clinical practice is based on evidence based practice. Which of the following statements is true about this

a) Clinical practice based on clinical expertise and reasoning with the best knowledge available

b) Provision of computers at every nursing station to search for best evidence while providing care

c) Practice based on ritualistic way

d) Practice based on what nurse thinks is the best for patient

n adult has just returned to the unit from surgery. The nurse transferred him to his bed but did not put up the side rails.

174. The client fell and was injured. What kind of liability does the nurse have?

a) None

b) Negligence

c) Intentional tort

d) Assault & battery

175. A new RN have problems with making assumptions. Which part of the code she should focus to deliver fundamentals of care effectively

a) Prioritise people

b) Practice effective

c) Preserve safety

d) Promote professionalism and trust

176. A patient with learning disability is accompanied by a voluntary independent mental capacity advocate. What is his role?

a) Express patients’ needs and wishes. Acts as a patient’s representative in expressing their concerns as if they were his own

b) Just to accompany the patient

c) To take decisions on patients behalf and provide their own judgements as this benefit the client

d) Is an expert and represents clients concerns, wishes and views as they cannot express by themselves

177. When you find out that 2 staffs are on leave for next duty shift and its of staff shortage what to do with the situation?

a) Inform the superiors and call for a meeting to solve the issue

b) Contact a private agency to provide staff

c) Close the admission until adequate staffs are on duty.

178. What is Disclosure according to NHS?

a) It is asking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain the services they need

b) This is the divulging or provision of access to data.

c) It is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.

d) It is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.

179. Wound care management plan should be done with what type of wound?

a) Complex wound

b) Infected wound

c) Any type of wound

180. Wound proliferation starts after?

a) 1-5 days

b) 3-24 days

c) 24 days

181. How long does proliferative phase of wound healing occur?

a) 3-24 days

b) 24-26 days

c) 1-7 days

d) 24 hours

182. How long does the ‘inflammatory phase’ of wound healing typically last?

a) 24 hours

b) Just minutes

c) 1-5 days

d) 3-24 days

183. A new, postsurgical wound is assessed by the nurse and is found to be hot, tender and swollen. How could this wound be best described?

a) In the inflammation phase of healing.

b) In the haemostasis phase of healing.

c) In the reconstructive phase of wound healing.

d) As an infected wound

184. What are the four stages of wound healing in the order they take place?

a) Proliferative phase, inflammation phase, remodelling phase, maturation phase.

b) Haemostasis, inflammation phase, proliferation phase, maturation phase

c) Inflammatory phase, dynamic stage, neutrophil phase, maturation phase.

d) Haemostasis, proliferation phase, inflammation phase, remodelling phase support

185. Breid, 76 years old, developed a pressure ulcer whilst under your care. On assessment, you saw some loss of dermis, with visible redness, but not sloughing off. Her pressure ulcer can be categorised as:

a) moisture lesion

b) 2nd stage partial skin thickness

c) 3rd stage

d) 4th stage

186. What stage of pressure ulcer includes tissue involvement and crater formation? (CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS)

a) stage 1

b) stage 2

c) stage 3

d) stage 4

187. What stage of pressure ulcer includes tissue involvement and crater formation?

a) stage 1

b) stage 2

c) stage 3

d) stage 4

188. A clients wound is draining thick yellow material. The nurse correctly describes the drainage as:

a) Sanguineous

b) Serous sanguineous

c) Serous

d) Purulent

189. What do you expect to assess in a grade 3 pressure ulcer?

a) blistered wound on the skin

b) open wound showing tissue

c) open wound exposing muscles

d) open wound exposing bones

190. A nurse notices a bedsore. It’s a shallow wound, red coloured with no pus. Dermis is lost. At what stage this bedsore is?

a) Stage1- non blanchable erythema

b) Stage2- Partial thickness skin lose

c) Stage3- full thickness skin loss

d) Stage4- full thickness tissue lose

191. A patient developed pressure ulcer. The wound is round, extends to the dermis, is shallow, there is visible reddish to pinkish tissue. What stage is the pressure ulcer?

a) Stage 1

b) Stage 2

c) Stage 3

d) Stage 4

192. A client is admitted to the Emergency Department after a motorcycle accident that resulted in the client’s skidding across a cement parking lot. Since the client was wearing shorts, there are large areas on the legs where the skin is ripped off. The wound is best described as:

a) Abrasion

b) Unapproxiamted

c) Laceration

d) Eschar

193. Joshua, son of Breid went to the station to see the nurse as she was complaining of severe pain on her pressure ulcer. What will be your initial action?

a) Check analgesia on the chart

b) Tell you will come as soon as you can

c) Find the nurse in charge

d) Go immediately to see the patient

194. When would it be beneficial to use a wound care plan?

a) on initial assessment of wound

b) during pre-assessment admission

c) after surgery

d) during wound infection, dehiscence or evisceration

e) When would it be beneficial to use a wound care plan?

195. Which of the following methods of wound closure is most suitable for a good cosmetic result following surgery?

a) Skin clips

b) Tissue adhesive

c) Adhesive skin closure strips

d) Interrupted suture

196. What functions should a dressing fulfil for effective wound healing?

a) High humidity, insulation, gaseous exchange, absorbent.

b) Anaerobic, impermeable, conformable, low humidity.

c) Insulation, low humidity, sterile, high adherence.

d) Absorbent, low adherence, anaerobic, high humidity.

197. Appropriate wound dressing criteria includes all but one:

a) Allows gaseous exchange.

b) Maintains optimum temperature and pH in the wound.

c) Forms an effective barrier to

d) Allows removal of the dressing without pain or skin stripping.

e) Is non-absorbent

198. Proper Dressing for wound care should be? (Select x 3 correct answers)

a) High humidity

b) Low humidity

c) Non Permeable/ Conformable

d) Absorbent / Provide thermal insulation

199. Which of the following conditions can be observed in a proper wound dressing:

a) absorbent, humid, aerated

b) non absorbent, humid, aerated

c) non humid, absorbent, aerated

d) non humid, non absorbent, aerated

200. Proper Dressing for wound care should be?

a) High humidity

b) Low humidity

c) Non Permeable

d) Conformable

e) Adherent

f) Absorbent

g) Provide thermal insulation

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